Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Review: Way Past Midnight by Samantha Combs

Adult Horror

Samantha Combs takes us on another excursion to the dark parts of the human mind. Against the backdrop of horror and fantasy, come along for the ride and discover basic human truths amplified for both your enjoyment and your fear. Samantha introduces you to her creatures of the night and tells you stories and tales of things that only exist in the wee hours, those hours Way Past Midnight.

Source: Received the book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Did not receive any payment for review.

My Review

Night Crawlers- 4 different vantage points. Some "made a fatal mistake" and hailed a cab.  I suspected a bit from one of the characters but I couldn't pin point what it was.  I didn't see how she was going to write all of the characters into this short, then BAM, it falls into place.  That was seriously disgusting, but so good! Lucas has an evil step-mom and step-sister. It's his birthday and his Uncle Jimmy gives him a computer.  Jimmy shows him the ins and outs of using his new computer.  He also suggests for him to go to when everyone is sleeping.  I can't tell you more because it will spoil the short.  I still have no idea what I just read, it's great! I don't know if the kid was just dreaming it or something supernatural happened.  Guess I'll never know LOL.

The OFFERING- That title says it all. Megan is a babysitter for the Parkers. She has always been afraid of the large oak tree in their yard. Megan goes to babysit and there is supposed to be a really big storm that evening.  They all fall asleep watching television and Megan brings Deacon and Ariel to their beds. Then strange things start to happen. This story was slightly predictable but entertaining none the less.

Killer Shoes- Darla is a compulsive shoe shopper. She reminds me of the woman in the movie "In Her Shoes." She's very homely in her normal attire but not when it comes to her shoes. She goes to visit her usual shoe boutique and searches down to the very last aisle. She spots a pair of sky high leather red heels. She buys the shoes and puts them on immediately. The shoes make her do terrible things. This short was by far my favorite. I liked the story and she almost reminded me of a femme fatale when she was wearing the shoes.

The ANGLERS- OMG  OMG I changed my mind. This was my favorite!! I decided to write about the shorts as soon as I read them so they were fresh in my mind. Samantha saved the best for last. This one was about two co-workers/best friends who would go on their "special" fishing trips.  They have a new boss at work who doesn't know a thing about construction. After a bad meeting with the boss, they decide to take him on their "special" trip. I saw this story going in a totally different direction. I'm glad it wasn't predictable because it made the outcome that much better.

As a whole, I really enjoyed this collection of shorts. Even though this collection is adult horror, I think a majority of them would be good for mature teens as well. Except for Killer Shoes, of course. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a quick, scary read.