Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Review: Nekhet by David Mayer

Young Adult Fantasy

Dreamline #2

In Nekhet, the sequel to the critically-acclaimed Reswyt, Sabine Jahn’s finally asleep – and finding that things in the dreaming realm have changed for the worse. The war has settled into an uneasy stalemate, with the Jager now in a defensive posture behind the great chasm created by Brummbar to protect them from the Queen’s armies. Dylan, now among the horses, finds their mysterious leader steadfastly unwilling to enter into the conflict on either side – and without their aid, the Jager are unable to break out from their positions.

Suspecting that the Queen’s Artifex is designing even more destructive weapons for the Queen’s army, Dylan encourages Sabine to remove him from the Queen's employ by any means necessary. But while Sabine, Josh, and Dylan join forces to awaken the Queen’s Artifex, Sabine is unaware that one of the Queen’s agents is hunting her here on Earth – setting up a breathtaking race against time that will keep readers turning pages to the very end.

Source: Received the book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Did not receive any payment for review.

 My Review

This review may contain spoilers for the first book. Please do not read any further if you have not read Reswyt. You can find me review of Reswyt HERE

     The war in Reswyt rages on in the second installment of the Dreamline series. At the end of the first book, Sabine found the lead box that was meant to house the pendant that allows her to travel to Reswyt. When the pendant is not left in the box, it inhibits sleep. Sabine is finally able to sleep and dream. I don't want to give too much away about her new role in Reswyt, but she manifests as an animal. Dylan also returns to Reswyt as a horse and tries to rally the other horses to fight with the Jager. Sabine has been teaching Josh to use her pendant and how to do magic in Reswyt. There are several new characters in Nekhet and each one plays an important role in the story.

     After a tragic death in the Jager camp, they formulate a plan to capture the Queen's Artifex, Moravin. Moravin has been building weapons and guns for the queen. They fear that he is searching for materials to make a larger, more threatening weapon that will destroy the Balance of Reswyt. The plan is to "awaken" him, but his situation on earth has complicated things.

My thoughts....

     Once again, I am left feeling like a bumbling idiot! I'm still amazed that a book can leave me speechless. I mean seriously, I can't even form a coherent sentence right now. Dave has produced another STUNNING work of art. The characters are extremely well written and you get to see them grow in this book. I wasn't used to Dave's writing style when I read Reswyt, but now I see the beauty in it. It was much easier now that I knew what kind of flow to expect. The story is told from several of the characters vantage points. I think that was what confused me while reading Reswyt, but now I have come to appreciate it. I didn't think that there was any way to top Reswyt, boy was I dead wrong!! Nekhet is an exhilarating roller coaster of action and adventure that has left me wanting! I'm sharing a comment from Facebook with you because it is exactly how I feel. "I envy anyone's ability to read this book for the first time. It is so moving, and so beautiful and so...GOOD." -Erin. It's safe to say that I have found my new favorite author.


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