Monday, July 23, 2012

Trailer Debut: Khemnet by David Mayer

I am so stoked to debut the trailer for Khemnet by David Mayer!! I am completely in love with this series and cannot wait till 2013 for the next book.  I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dave about the first two books. You can view that interview HERE.

My review for Reswyt can be found HERE and for Nekhet HERE

Young Adult Fantasy

Deamline Book 1
Blurb: Sabine Jahn has more than an average teen's share of problems. She’s been forced to leave behind everything she knew growing up in Oregon to start high school as a transfer student in California. She’s lost her father to an automobile accident, and her grandfather, preeminent Egyptologist Daniel Jahn, has mysteriously disappeared. She hasn’t slept in months, and no one can tell her why. And now, as she sits in detention for dozing off in class again, she finds herself drifting from her Cameron High detention hall to a vast, eerie forest where immense astral wolves roam past her. Sabine has discovered a way to enter a realm where dreaming minds appear nightly as noble hawks, fierce wolves, and stalwart bears. She learns that the wild, beautiful world she has found is slowly becoming corrupted by the acts of a dead mind trapped within it. Now, the fate of that realm – and our own world – rests in the hands of Sabine, a long-dead French soldier, an Egyptian god, and a mysterious, profoundly gifted boy trapped between worlds.

          Dreamline Book 2

Blurb: In Nekhet, the sequel to the critically-acclaimed Reswyt, Sabine Jahn’s finally asleep – and finding that things in the dreaming realm have changed for the worse. The war has settled into an uneasy stalemate, with the Jager now in a defensive posture behind the great chasm created by Brummbar to protect them from the Queen’s armies. Dylan, now among the horses, finds their mysterious leader steadfastly unwilling to enter into the conflict on either side – and without their aid, the Jager are unable to break out from their positions.

Suspecting that the Queen’s Artifex is designing even more destructive weapons for the Queen’s army, Dylan encourages Sabine to remove him from the Queen's employ by any means necessary. But while Sabine, Josh, and Dylan join forces to awaken the Queen’s Artifex, Sabine is unaware that one of the Queen’s agents is hunting her here on Earth – setting up a breathtaking race against time that will keep readers turning pages to the very end.

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Now for the moment that I have been waiting FOREVER to show you all :-)

:::insert fangirl squeals:::

Khemnet Trailer Debut

Can't. Wait. Any. LONGER!!!!!!

If you have not read this series yet, what the heck are you waiting for?!? I highly recommend it to everyone! You don't have to be a teenage to love YA books. This series is extremely addicting and I wish I could tell the whole world about it!!