Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Review: Zombified by Lyra Mcken

YA Paranormal

Cassie is a typical teenager. She’s crushing on a boy and trying to make it through high school. It’s a typical day of classes when all hell breaks loose. Forced to run and hide the situation just keeps getting worse. She makes a mistake and soon becomes infected. She meets others like her and together they sent out to find a cure. Is their fate already sealed? Can they find a cure before it’s too late? See what happens through the eyes of the infected when Cassie tells you how Zombies are people too.

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My Review 

Cassie's day starts off like any normal day, passing notes with her friend in class. She notices a man outside of the classroom window and he looks like he may have been in an accident. His skin is a grayish tone and his clothes are bloody and torn. He breaks the window, startling the teens. Their teacher tries to scare the man off with her yardstick and she gets hurt in the process. Men show up, armed with guns and shoot the man. The school is now in a panic with these gray skinned people eating everyone. Somewhere along the way, Cassie is infected. She doesn't turn immediately like the rest of the zombies. 

After leaving the school, Cassie sets off on her own. She meets another woman who has been infected but not yet changed. They agree to accompany each other, to where, they don't know quite yet. They meet more people on the way.

I don't want to spoil too much so I will stop there.

I was hooked immediately after reading the prologue. I found it disturbingly hilarious. I really hope that it was meant to be that way or I will feel pretty twisted for finding it comical lol. I haven't read many zombie books, but this one was extremely refreshing.  I enjoyed reading Cassie's experience before and after her turn. It was very enjoyable and I would definitely recommend it! I must say, the epilogue was just as entertaining as the prologue. It kinda leaves it open for another book... hint, hint, Emily :-) 

Lyra Mcken is Emily Walker's pseudonym for her paranormal novels.

Emily's blog site is http://www.selfpublishordie.com where she interviews other Indie authors and traditionally published authors alike. She also offers reviews, guest posts, and features for authors.

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