Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ramblings by Ren and some of my fav books :-)

Hey guys, Ren here!! I wanted to take some time to write about what's going on with me. I have not been well for the past three months and it has taken a huge toll on my reading and reviews. We have a lot of dedicated readers for our blog and I am so grateful for you all! I would like to introduce you to our two newest reviewers, Michelle and Autumn. They were so kind to offer to help with some reviews that I have been behind on.  

I also thought it would be cool to introduce you to some of my favorite books. I have been posting about 1 review a week so I thought I would add something different today.  Alyssa, a fellow reader friend, gave me the idea for this post. I thought I would have some fun with it.

I think I would be here forever if I named off my favs list. These are my top picks. I hope you will check them out and enjoy them as much as I have!!

Lets start with the Dreamline Series by David Mayer.

I can't say enough great things about this amazing series!! Dave was my very first review request on the blog and I am truly honored to have read such fantastic books. I am anxiously awaiting the third book in the series.  These books really get your noggin going!! You can read an interview with the author HERE. Click these titles to read my reviews: Reswyt & Nekhet.  

Blurb for Reswyt: In this spellbinding new paranormal fantasy novel, Sabine Jahn has more than an average teen's share of problems. She’s been forced to leave behind everything she knew growing up in Oregon to start high school as a transfer student in California. She’s lost her father to an automobile accident, and her grandfather, preeminent Egyptologist Daniel Jahn, has mysteriously disappeared. She hasn’t slept in months, and no one can tell her why. And now, as she sits in detention for dozing off in class again, she finds herself drifting from her Cameron High detention hall to a vast, eerie forest where immense astral wolves roam past her.

Sabine has discovered a way to enter a realm where dreaming minds appear nightly as noble hawks, fierce wolves, and stalwart bears. She learns that the wild, beautiful world she has found is slowly becoming corrupted by the acts of a dead mind trapped within it. Now, the fate of that realm – and our own world – rests in the hands of Sabine, a long-dead French soldier, an Egyptian god, and a mysterious, profoundly gifted boy trapped between worlds.

 Believe it or not, I have not always been an avid reader. I was one of those people that just hasn't found her genre yet. This is the series that made me fall in love with reading again. The Immortals series by Alyson Noel was great. I picked up Evermore off of the sale cart from the library that I work at and it was a done deal! I finished the entire series in two weeks. That is quite a feat for me considering I work two jobs and had a 2 year old to chase after. I was a little disappointed with the ending, but I still enjoyed it. 

Blurb for Evermore: After a horrible accident claims the lives of her family, sixteen-year-old Ever Bloom can see people's auras, hear their thoughts, and know someones entire life story by touching them. Going out of her way to avoid human contact to suppress her abilities, she has been branded a freak at her new high school — but everything changes when she meets Damen Auguste.
Damen is gorgeous, exotic and wealthy. He's the only one who can silence the noise and random energy in her head - wielding a magic so intense, it's as though he can peer straight into her soul. As Ever is drawn deeper into his enticing world of secrets and mystery, she's left with more questions than answers. And she has no idea just who he really is - or what he is. The only thing she knows to be true is that she's falling deeply and helplessly in love with him.

The Eden Trilogy by Nicole Williams is one of my favorite Indie series!! Before I knew what an indie novel was, Amazon would recommend books based on my ratings of the books that I have read. When I saw that the first one was free, I snatched it up! Needless to say, I gobbled that up in a day and I was hooked! It really is a great paranormal romance that I think everyone should read!! Oh and how could I forget?! Patrick, the brother in the series, has his own series out!! I loved the first one, Fissure, now I'm waiting for the next one!

Blurb for Eternal Eden: College sophomore Bryn Dawson is a self-proclaimed poster child for normal. However, the day William Hayward enters her life, normalcy is the last thing Bryn will be able to count on if she wants to be with him. Too mysterious and appealing to be good for a girl, Bryn feels drawn to him in a way that seems out of her control—as if fate is orchestrating it.

Despite every red flag and warning siren going off in her head telling her not to, Bryn falls hard for William, knowing he’s categorically different from anyone she’s ever met. She never imagined how right she was. When William takes her deeper into the rabbit hole of his world, Bryn must decide just how much she is willing to sacrifice to be with him, knowing no matter what, fate always finds a way to have the last laugh.

Spinning a new twist on star-crossed lovers, Eternal Eden will put Bryn through a gauntlet of turmoil, challenging her to find the power within herself to become the heroine in her own story

My first recommendation from Amazon was Significance by Shelly Crane. Shelly writes some amazing stories. I may have never know about her books if I didn't buy a Kindle. I loved the Significance series but I'd have to say that her Collide series is my favorite. Did I mention that Significance is being made into a movie? I didn't? Shame on me :-)

Blurb for Significance: Maggie is a seventeen year old girl who's had a bad year. She was smart and on track but then her mom left, her dad is depressed, she's graduating, barely, and her boyfriend of almost three years dumped her for a college football scholarship. Lately she thinks life is all about hanging on by a thread and is gripping tight with everything she has.
Then she meets Caleb. She saves his life and instantly knows there's something about him that's intriguing but she is supposed to be on her way to a date with his cousin. But things change when they touch, sparks ignite. Literally.

They imprint with each other and she sees their future life together flash before her eyes. She learns that not only is she his soul mate, and can feel his heartbeat in her chest, but there is a whole other world of people with gifts and abilities that she never knew existed. She herself is experiencing supernatural changes unlike anything she's ever felt before and she needs the touch of his skin to survive.

Now, not only has her dad come out of his depression to be a father again, and a pain as well, but Caleb's enemies know he's imprinted and are after Maggie to stop them both from gaining their abilities and take her from him.

Can Caleb save her or will they be forced to live without each other after just finding one another?

Blurb for Collide: Sherry has always known there was something out there. She's eighteen, works for a tabloid newspaper in Chicago and has a brother, Danny who is a lazy mooch. They live a pretty normal dull life with hippie parents and a normal existence Then the moon disappears and people start to go missing only to reappear later, but different. Sherry has an abusive ex-boyfriend who shows up and claims to be one of these beings that have been showing up around the world. He's no longer the same person in that body. He tells her he has come to protect her and her brother and takes her underground, against her will to save her, where they meet others like them. She begins to unravel the truth about Merrick, about what he's really doing here, about the way he looks at her, about the crazy dangerous world they live in. Can he convince her that he's here to help? Will she like what she finds when she opens up to the truth? Will he be the one to love her when everyone else has failed her? Will he be able to protect her?

Abbi Glines is another indie author that I came to love. My first book by her was The Vincent Boys. It is more of a mature YA and it was great! I have also read 2 out of three in The Existence Trilogy and 2 from the Sea Breeze series. Big congrats to her on being picked up by Simon Pulse, an imprint of Simon & Schuster!

Blurb for The Vincent Boys: There was something wicked about Beau that drew me to him. What was wrong with me? Why did I want to sin so badly

Ashton is getting tired of being good, of impressing her parents and playing ideal girlfriend to Sawyer Vincent. Sawyer is perfect, a regular Prince Charming, but when he leaves town for the summer, it’s his cousin Beau who catches Ashton’s eye. Beau is the sexiest guy she’s ever seen, and even though he’s dangerous, Ashton is drawn to him.

Beau loves his cousin like a brother, so the last thing he wants to do is make a move on Sawyer’s girl. Ashton is off-limits, absolutely. That’s why he does his best to keep his distance, even though he’s been in love with her forever. When Ashton wants to rekindle their childhood friendship in Sawyer’s absence, Beau knows he should say no.

Ashton and Beau don’t want to hurt Sawyer. But the more they try to stay away from each other, the more intense their urges become. It’s getting way too hard to resist....

Preservation by Rachael Wade was one of my first Adult contemporary romances. I absolutely loved it and think everyone needs to read it. I have actually hooked a couple of my friends on it :-) Rachael Wade is also a huge supporter of my blog and helped me out when I first started. I am also stoked about her announcement that there will be two more books following Preservation!!!!! SQUEEEE

Fear is sabotage’s sweetest weapon.

Kate has no time for meaningless romantic charades, and definitely no time for hot college professors who are full of themselves and smitten with her. Constantly battling eviction notices, tuition she can’t afford, and a sick, dependent mother, the last thing she needs is to be distracted with someone else’s complicated baggage.

When she stumbles into Ryan Campbell’s creative writing class, he is only “Mr. Campbell” to her, until Ryan finds himself captivated by her writing and she is forced to face their mutual attraction. His cocky know-it-all syndrome is enough to send her running in the other direction, and his posse of female admirers and playboy reputation are enough to squander any odds in her favor.

But underneath Ryan’s abrasive facade is something to behold, and she can’t stay away for long. Ryan and Kate must decide who they’re willing to become and fight against their former selves if they want to make things work. That’s if academia, vicious vixens, old skeletons, and their own mastery at self-destruction don’t pummel their efforts first.