Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Review: Crescent Bound by Karli Rush

**This book contains mature subject matter that may not suitable for readers under 18**


Paranormal Romance
Crescent Bound #1 

Alyssa Worthington is the daughter and sole heir to the most prestigious coven in the witch world. Her childhood has been spent in the mundane human world learning to blend in and hide who she truly is, and it is here, during her last year that she meets a striking ex-high school quarterback from a small town in Montana who will turn her world upside down.

Alyssa holds the element of fire, unlike her best friends Lisa and Megan, who are both air elementals. It is the elemental powers that reside inside which require positive thoughts and positive actions in order to maintain this magickal connection. What would happen to a witch that let this get out of control? How can evil become the driving force behind revenge and death?

Dark secrets, dark magick and a desperate desire for revenge will bring Alyssa to the brink of destruction. She is being chased, but this pursuit is a silent one and her chaser has but one goal, Alyssa’s complete and total destruction. Will she overcome this dark threat and begin to live out her destiny? Will she survive and if so, will she lose herself as part of the price for being alive? Or, will her destiny rest on being crescent bound?

With all these dark forces creeping around silently in Alyssa’s life, her coven pushes for answers, some of the answers about an eighth and missing coven, in the witch world, lie with her new interest. Marcus may be the key to unlocking the mystery of the silent darkness threatening the seven remaining covens

Source: Received the book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Did not receive any payment for review.

My Review

Alyssa has led very different life from most of us humans.  She was born into a family of Royal witches.   She prefers drag racing to going out and having typical teen age fun. To beat it all her boyfriend of two years has dumped her just months before she starts her senior year of high school. 

As has happened all her life, her family once again has relocated to a small town in Montana.  As witches do not age like most, it makes living in one town for long periods of time impossible.  This small town happens to change Alyssa's whole life.  Marcas is the hometown hero.  Up until his senior year he was the biggest sports star in town.  Now Alyssa is the only sport he seems to be chasing.  Since he came into the picture, Alyssa can't think straight.  She knows that there can be no life for her with a human, yet her fire affinity calls to Marcas.  What can she do?

This book is absolutely hot.  The romances are steamy, but it actually fits in the story without seeming trashy.  True to nature, the author explains how witches see sexuality as an extension of nature not the taboo subject mortals tend to see it as.  The spellwork done by the witches also follow some of the properties of the herbs used. I love that the author included that.  There is a little bit of everything in this novel.  The action is very fast paced. It flows well without being junky or cluttered and confusing.  Next the romance is steamy between Marcas and Alyssa.  I happen to love the fact that Alyssa is a true kick but lead female.  She is almost fearless, which only adds to my love of this character.  I am glad that this is a series, because the ending left me wanting more..... 

This book is a mature audience book.  
Would I recommend this to others? yes.  Also I am looking forward to rereading this one when the series complete.  Great work from this author!