Thursday, December 20, 2012

Review: Baby Species Intervention #6609 by J.K. Accinni

Science Fiction

A story deeper and darker than E.T. How could one planet evolve such complex and divergent examples of biodiversity?
The series “Species Intervention #6609” spans two hundred years, encompassing tender love between divergent species, political downfalls and violence of unspeakable order. It is an unfortunate tale of Armageddon and the remote possibility of redemption.
In Baby, Netty is a naive teenage farm girl given in marriage to an older brutal opportunist disguised as a successful citizen during the years of Prohibition in Sussex County, New Jersey. After years of enslavement, Netty flees into the night from her rapist husband, traveling back to the farm worked by her parents, where she rescues an unfamiliar damaged creature she finds in a cave in the woods of her childhood, falling in love with the enigmatic creature she names Baby. Together they find happiness and fulfillment despite the changes to Netty’s body wrought by the proximity of the unusual creature.
When a handsome Italian stranger comes into Netty’s life, complications ensue as she falls in love while trying to hide the bizarre and wondrous changes to her farm and her body. Netty, Baby and Wil strive to conquer obstacles thrown in their path by life, succeeding wildly until the heart-rending and astonishingly brutal climax to their story.

Source: Received the book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Did not receive any payment for review.

 My Review
The story takes place in 1942. Netty is a young woman who was married off to a man named Robert. The night of her wedding, he brutalizes and rapes her. Several years later, Netty has gained weight, lost her hair and is continued to be raped by her husband. She finds out some information about her husbands intentions and flees. It takes her days to reach her old farmhouse, now dilapidated from abandonment since her mother was murdered.

She meets a new creature in her travels and it looks a little worse for wear. She takes it home to nurse it back to health. She dubs him with the name Baby. Baby kind of reminds me of E.T. being that he's short. He has golden fur, wings and a tail with a bulbous end. This is the start of a positive relationship that Netty so desperately needed. She starts tending to the farm to be able to sell her fruits in town. That's when all the odd things start happening. I wont go into further details on that :-)

Netty finds a man in the woods surrounding her cabin. He looks feverish, on deaths bed. She takes him to the cabin so he can recover. The three of them eventually make a great team around the farm. Netty's good fortune doesn't last for long when an unexpected visitor shows up.

I really enjoyed this book. I'm not usually a fan of sci-fi, but the author kept me engaged. It was written more like a contemporary with sci-fi elements. It gives you a really good basis for what the characters are like. This wasn't one of those action in your face type of books but I'm assuming that's what the other books in the series are for. This was just a little taste of what's to come. I'm hoping for my action in the next book. I think everyone should give this book a try, it might surprise you.