Sunday, January 20, 2013

Review: Becoming Jolie by Monique O'Connor James

YA Paranormal Romance

Jolie Bourque is trying to finish her thesis and get on with her life. She wanders into Folette, Louisiana, a place plagued by ghost sightings, convinced the residents are all crazy. No one wants to help her, no one except, Hutch Landry and his brother, Tucker. 
Will she find the monster that is preying on the town's children? Can she stay sane surrounded by madness? What are her ties to the small town? How will she choose between the brothers?
This is the nightmare that is her life and all just a part of Becoming Jolie.

Source: Received the book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Did not receive any payment for review.

My Review

Becoming Jolie was a decent read! I really fell in love with the story line and the plot. But the story just did not quite flow with me completely. It seems as though Jolie is in a the town of Folette for her thesis paper that she has to finish and it has something to do with ghost. Well the people there are seeing ghosts but no one from the outside wants to help the town's people. I would have liked more back story with the towns people. If Jolie was doing her thesis paper, then I believed she should have come across as the type who would stop at nothing to get answers. But it seemed that just because the town did not open up she just stopped pursuing the answers, and hardly did any research. I take it this book was suppose to be about ghost sightings, but I felt as though there was not a lot of mentions about them. I can say maybe a handful of times were the ghosts mentioned in my thoughts.

I also would have liked to have her characters develop a bit more as they had great potential to be more. I found the scene with the officer and Tucker to be surreal. Why did Frog not go after Tucker?
It did seem at times that the story was rushed instead of adding a few more details here and there. I did enjoy how it came to light that she was from the town, and her back story. You get that towards the end of the book. I thought that was a nice little twist into the book. There were some surprises that you may or not may see coming.