Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Review: In My Dreams by Cameo Renae

YA Paranormal Romance

It was happening again. The dreams. The nightmares. It was something that seventeen year-old Elizabeth Hayes thought she d outgrown; dreams that would come true; detailed premonitions of how people would die. This time she dreams about her boyfriend, Michael Young, and soon discovers that he has been found... dead.
He has not crossed over because he was murdered, and now the murderer is after Lizzy. His spirit won't rest until she is safe. As a newbie spirit, the easiest way for him to make contact is through Lizzy's dreams. When she dreams, it's as if he hasn't died. Lizzy must learn to pull on her inner strength to survive horrifying events, and is faced with a most difficult decision. Would she risk her life to save her best friend and the very person responsible for Michael's death?
Meanwhile, Michael learns everything he can about his supernatural gifts to help. But will it be enough to save her?

Source: Received the book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Did not receive any payment for review.

 My Review

I am at a complete loss for words right now. This book had me all torn up. My heart is in pieces on the floor right now. It was a good ending but how can I be happy about it?! I've never read a book that had me crying for at least 60% of the book. I am still crying. This book will keep you hooked from beginning to end. A beautiful, thrilling mystery that will keep you guessing. I kept waiting for the big twist to come. It was is the later part of the book but I wouldn't have had it any other way.

I was so upset for Lizzy with her loss of Michael. When she began to see him again in her dreams, I was elated. Their love for each other was so powerful. They would do anything for each other. Lizzy finds out that her life is in danger. Michael's murdered knows who she is and will come for her. Lizzy's strength throughout the book is amazing and Michael will help her in any way he can.

I love how the ending leaves it open to have a sequel. I don't know if that is in the works but I would definitely love to read it. My heart is still breaking after writing this review. When the author said "it may make you cry," I thought she was joking. I was thinking "yeah, okay, that's what all the authors say about their work." Ya know, since that's their baby and all. I will definitely be reading her other book soon. I'm going to go back to crying while eating this popcorn now. I think I'm too heartbroken to read another book tonight. I definitely recommend this book to anyone. It's YA but definitely a good read for adults. I told my nurse yesterday that she needed to read it. She asked me what I was reading that had me so entranced.