Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Review: Challenging Andie by Sally Clements

Is loving Ryan a challenge too far?

Jaded war correspondent Ryan Armstrong reports terrible events without letting them pierce the armor covering his heart. When his colleague Emily Harte is murdered, he feels responsible for her death, and travels to England to return Emily’s effects to her daughter.
Bereaved, primary school teacher, Andie Harte has set herself a list of challenges to prove she can be as brave as her recently murdered mother, but when she’s hounded by the press the need to escape means she must accept help from Ryan. During their time in seclusion, attraction blossoms into an affair. Their relationship was only supposed to be a fling. When the time comes for Ryan to return to Bekostan, can she risk loving a thrillseeker, or is that a challenge too far?
Ryan avoids love, knowing the pain losing it can bring. A life without Andie is sensible, but is it possible?

Source: Received book from author in exchange for an honest review

This book was provided from the author in exchange for honest literary review. Andie has lived all of her life in the shadow of her free spirit war correspondent mother. Now with her mother presumed dead, it is time for Andie to begin to break out and experience life and begin to really live. Andie had always been safe and predictable; never one to take any sort of chances. That all changed the minute Ryan walked into her life.

Ryan walked into Andie's life with his own agenda. He served as a news correspondent alongside her mother. He knows all tobwell the draw of a life of excitement and never has been one to put down roots anywhere. Ryan's life consists of always chasing the next big story, that is until he met Andie.

Life sometimes has plans for people that they just don't see coming. For these two, their future rests solely on the ability of them to let go of all the pain that each of their pasts hold.

I really enjoyed reading this one. Andie is a very likeable heroine. She's strong, but still very unsure of herself. To me, this book is as much a journey of her finding herself as it is a love story. The plot is very engaging and keeps the reader drawn in throughout the novel. It is a quick read and I finished this one in just one sitting.

At times, I did find the story a little predictable, but even so it remained enjoyable for me and held my interest. This is what I would call a new adult contemporary romance appropriate for ages 18+due. Great escape read!

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