Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Review: Howl by Cynthia Rayne

To escape madness, Scarlet Rhodes made a magical pact to serve as a blood slave and sexual plaything to Hayden, a powerful vampire. But while Scarlet is a treasured pet, she has never captured his heart. When Hayden bids her to sexually service a handsome werewolf named Rand Stamper, she finds herself falling for him. In and out of bed.

Rand has come to Fairfax Manor to secure the southern hunting grounds for his pack, but finds himself distracted by the vampire’s blood slave. Their passion is undeniable, and he has the urge to take her with him and make Scarlet his own.

Seeing his sexy human slave with the swaggering wolf awakens feelings for Scarlet Hayden wasn’t even certain he was capable of anymore. But he can’t blame his pet. Despite the unfamiliar feelings of jealousy, he finds himself drawn to the sexy wolf also. If he plays his hand right, in the end he might be able to keep Scarlet and the werewolf for himself.

Source: This book was provided by the author for honest literary review.

Anytime I get a chance to get my hands on a book that's paranormal with a smorgasbord of creatures, I am all in. This one is one of the most unique storylines that I have ever came across.

Scarlett is a blood slave to vampire royalty. Hayden keeps her well enough as long as she keeps herself available for him ay all times, both for blood and sex. Rand is a delicious werewolf who has came to the castle seeking a pact from Hayden. From there it seems that the story seems to get lost. While the sex scenes were very well done, I was missing the meat of the story. It started off well, and did draw me in, but as time went on I just felt like the storyline was lost at times.

This is a relatively short novella. I think this had potential to be expanded on to be a very good novel. Too much of the story was left out or rushed and it affected the over all storyline. The characters are great and the blend of.all the supernatural characters grabs your attention.

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