Thursday, June 20, 2013

Review: The Night Sweeper by J. Steven Butler

Cray is a Night Sweeper. Twenty-five years old, amazingly lethal, and brilliant beyond anyone's right to be, night after endless night, he has one job- kill Festers, zombie-like freaks born of the United States President's foolish choice to use chemical warfare against his foes. After years of nighttime exterminating, the Fester population has been significantly diminished, and humanity is beginning to see a reprieve from the zombie outbreak. But Cray has a weakness. When it comes to beautiful women, he's a total dork.

When Cedric Archer, his long-time commanding officer, tells him that another virus threatens to repeat the original disaster that caused the zombie apocalypse, Cray knows his only choice is to do what it takes to make sure that never happens. There's only one problem. Archer just stuck him with a new partner, and she's gorgeous.

Together, the tongue-tied Cray and the exotic Mira Winston embark on a roller-coaster ride mission where nothing is as it seems and treachery lies around every corner. As Cray soon finds out, Mira is full of secrets, and they are both more connected to the conspiracy than they would have dreamed possible.

Source: PDF given by author for review

Think Island of Dr. Monroe, special abilities like the Matrix, the cute nerdy lead in any high school, zombies, and a high octane army-like chick. Cray is a likeable nerd who is slightly off the edge due to his super human abilities to take out the zombie-like folks who roam the earth trying to munch on the rest of humanity that survived. The controlling body of the few populated cities shows up and orders him on a mission with a new hot chick sidekick, Mira, who he is tongue tied around. The action is easy to follow in the book and it has enough romance and plot twists to make a reader raise their eyebrows.

The basic plotlines convey humanity never changes and the bad guy is always the one you didn’t think would betray you. I would suggest this book for more mature readers due to gore and violence. If you like a fast paced sci-fi with political intrigue in a destroyed civilization, I recommend this book.









I was born and I am currently still alive. I love action and plot twists in books, and try to combine the best of both worlds into my novels. I believe J.J. Abrams to be a master of the plot twist (though I confess, many of his twists never get explained...sorry J.J.) I hate milk, love rainy days, have less hair than I would prefer, and generally just love life.



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