Monday, July 1, 2013

My trip to UtopYA Con 2013!

Wow! What can I say about UtopYA to make everyone understand the pure awesomeness that it is?? It was truly an experience that every indie book lover should have in their life. This community is so amazing and I met so many wonderful authors, bloggers and readers that I now call friends.

I finally got to meet Team Zombie Slut in person! In case you don't know who they are, it's a small group of us that love all things zombie. Lori Parker from Contagious Reads has been dubbed The Zombie Slut and we are her evil minions LOL. Author's Annie Walls and Alexia Purdy are also part of the team. There are a few others that we're unable to make it but we love them anyway :-).

I will be here all day if I sit here and name everyone that I met but I'd like to name a few that were particularly awesome to me.
Lori and I at the Awards

Sarah Ashley Jones, my fellow Dragon Hussy <3

Frankie Rose, my author crush! LOL

Adam Kunz is such a rad dude and such a sweetheart

Mel from Girls Heart Books

Carol Kunz and Elizabeth Kirke

Candy Smith and of course Annie Walls photo bombing in the back

Delphina, the blogger that inspired me to start blogging

 Team Zombie Slut

and I save the best for last! She is the reason I read indie books and her books are amazing...


I took a ton of pictures from UtopYA, the Metamorphosis and Meet the Passionista's signings. You can view them all here. Facebook Albums

You can also check out my tweets on Twitter from the event including the awards.

And who doesn't love a little live performance of the Cups Song.

I thought I'd do something fun and make my own UtopYA Awards for best swag! Everyone loves signed books marks and whatnot but there are some that we're too cool to not mention.

A USB wrist band with and ebook loaded onto it from Amanda DeWees. How frickin cool!! I think this is the coolest swag I've ever seen in my entire life.

Ebook cards from Rhiannon Paille. These are such a cool way to introduce your books to readers AND they we're discounted! Absolutely perfect! I didn't get a picture since I already had the book :-(

Glitter Tattoos from Lizzy Ford, logo created by Regina Wamba of Mae I Design

Victoria Faye Alday from Whit and Ware Design made these FANTASTIC journals! They look like traditional paperback books that she designed. I absolutely had to have The Book Mage!

I didn't want to go crazy so I only purchased 4 books and the rest were given to me SOOOO COOOOL!!! My best snag was an ARC of Inception by Teal Haviland! She's so awesome

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