Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ren's Hottie Author List: Take Two

A few months ago I posted an author hottie list. This is meant solely for my own amusement as well as anyone else that enjoys it. In case you missed my last list, you can find it >>here<

Here's a tissue...you may want to wipe up that drool

 The Dudes

Casey Sean Harmon

Adam Kunz

Ryan Winfield

Brad Covey

Ryan O'Leary

Isaac Marion

James Rollins

Brent Weeks

Jordan Ekeroth

Bryan A. Wood

Robert B. Warren

Collin Means

Jonas Saul
The Chicks

Desiree DeOrto

Michel Prince

Crystal Serowka

Candice Terry

 Page Morgan

Michelle Maddow

Heaven Liegh Eldeen

Bailey Thompson

K.C. Neal

Megan Curd

Miranda Kavi

Michelle G. Miller

Sarah Ashley Jones

Addison Moore

K. Anne Raines

Amanda Havard

Heather Hildenbrand

Cydney Lawson

Bethany Lopez

Vanessa Kimball

Cassandra Giovanni

Ellen Harger

H.P. Landry

Megan D. Martin

Michelle Bellon

Alivia Anders

Georgia Cates

Amanda Bennett

Riana Lucas

Tracey Garvis Graves

H.D. Gordon

Kimberly Derting

A.G. Henley

Aubrey Brown

Jennifer Martinez

K. Pinson

Angeline Kace

Jamie McGuire

Quinn Loftis

Al Jackson

C.J. Redwine

A.G. Howard

Sarah Dosher (sorry, had to put Collin sexy ass in there too)

Keeley Smith

Kristen Day

Myndi Shafer

Heather London

Kristie Pierce

Sarah Ross

Marissa Meyer

Tabatha Vargo

A.K. Alexander

Chelsea Starling

Juliana Haygert

Dani Hart

Zoey Foster