Thursday, July 18, 2013

Review: Ceaseless by Abbi Glines

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I've mad it known before that I have a legitimate fear of sequels and any books following. it gives me crazy anxiety just thinking about it. Existence was phenomenal and I read Predestined when it first came out. It's no surprise that I dragged my feet on this one. My heart was beating a mile a minute just thinking about starting this book. Thank goodness the author is fantastic. I fell in love with Dank all over again! It was hard to see Dank hurting over Pagan not remembering him. I knew there was no way another soul can compete with the love that they had. I thought the story was going to go sooo differently. I'm glad that Pagan kept her smart mouth. That was always my favorite thing about her. And seriously?! Leif is becoming the bane of my existence. I seriously just want to punch him in the face! Gee and I can tag team him! It was great to see them fall for each again without all the doom and gloom.

I'm so sad that it is over. I almost don't want to believe it. This is why I hate reading a series. I'm getting all weepy eyed and it's all your fault, Abbi! I will miss these characters so freaking much! By the way, if you haven't noticed, I'm on an Abbi Glines Bender! That's right, I'm reading every since one of her books this month. It's been way overdue. Not doing too bad considering I've read 2 of her books in 3 days. That's unheard of for me!