Thursday, July 18, 2013

Review: God Particle by Toby Tate


Adopted by scientific genius parents, Chloe herself is a prodigy and already enrolled in MIT by age 16. Though 16, Chloe is mature and a likeable character. While she lives in the States attending college, her parents live in Switzerland doing their various research projects. Her dad discovers a particle and invention that thrusts the family into a sci-fi drama and run for their lives. Her dad disappears and her best friend ends up pregnant.

The side plot of her best friend being pregnant sits stagnant until the end. Due to all the events between the start and finish of the novel, Chloe has matured and is able to offer more support to her best friend. Still, I felt this side plot was a little confusing in its role in the main story, though it does not take away from the fun of the story.

Chloe rushes back and forth between the U.S. and Switzerland. To find her dad, she connects herself to her dad’s invention and to direct contact with the particle. There, she meets an entity named "Ben" who educates her about “Mal” who has entered our world to basically take it over. Ben hops a ride into Chloe’s head while Mal travels the world causing havoc as he hops from one body to the next. The entities are able to transfer bodies merely by touch, and after one fumbled attempt at trying to catch Mal, the story rolls into a nonstop, time traveling adventure as everyone tries to stop Mals’ nutty plan.

Fast paced with likeable characters, I finished this story in a few hours. The scientific sci-fi elements left me scratching my head, but the author ties them in enough to make sense to the reader.heather