Saturday, August 24, 2013

Review: Anyone But You by Jennifer Crusie


Format: Audiobook borrowed from library

Need an easy-peasy beach read for the summer? This book was a cute and quick read. Basic love story with some twists of age difference and a totally rockin’ dog. Fred is awesome. Everyone needs a dog like Fred. He is gravity challenged and steals bras.

Divorced and void of good self-esteem Nina and young and goofy Alex spends the majority of the novel chasing each other in an endless loop. Nina has the ever present crazy beautiful best friend who plays a vital role in helping Nina further her relationship with Alex and success at work. Alex gets his priorities and ambitions mixed up to please Nina, which causes a brief nutty break, before they are happily ever after again.






Jennifer Crusie was researching her dissertation on the differences in the way men and women tell stories when she got sidetracked into writing romance novels.

Her first book was published in 1993 (which pretty much finished off any hope of her getting that PhD) and her twenty-second book, Maybe This Time, came out in August of 2010, all of which she considers a minor miracle, especially since she is also a New York Times, USA Today and Publisher's Weekly bestseller and a two-time Rita award winner.

Jenny is currently working on her new Liz Danger mystery series. She is a very happy woman