Sunday, September 29, 2013

Review: The Contaminants by Devin K. Smyth


A nutty conspiracy at the top level of America’s elite and politicians causes the end of the world. In an effort to eradicate those who are deemed unworthy, the earth has been decimated by nuclear war and into a nuclear waste. Those deemed worthy are up in space, orbiting, waiting for the earth to regenerate by a new engineering process. Soraj’s father is creator and in charge of the process to create the new “earth” and is friends with Jessil, the main character.

After finding out some disturbing truth, Jessil jumps ship with her brother, friend Soraj, and others to see if they can find any survivors in the wasteland. She leaves hoping to find her father and any other survivors, also leaving the safety of one of the only known space craft left in existence. After crash landing, they face insanely dangerous animals and plants that have evolved in their new ecosystem created. Barely escaping with their lives, they encounter other beings that have undergone change, once human, and are eking out an existence.

Contaminants is a good novel to read in one sitting or off and on. The content in the novel flows easily and the characters and their events are easy to follow. Containment focuses more on the sci-fi and fantasy elements in the story and what brought about the end of earth and society, rather than focusing deeply on the characters. The plot is straight forward and easy to follow. A fun sci-fi read to waste away an afternoon.heather


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When Devin Smyth isn't wrestling the English language into submission to get a story just right, the southern Wisconsin native works in the field of children's entertainment.