Saturday, September 28, 2013

Review: Old World (The Green and Pleasant Land) by Oliver Kennedy


Are you a fan of creepy, macabre, and totally crazy horror? This short book is for you. The Locklear family flees with thousands of others as the dead rise after nuclear war. They find refuge and build a life as much as they can. Mother, father, sister, and two brothers eke out a living in a pleasant cabin with access to the basics needed for life, occasionally chopping up zombies that roam around.

One day, their daughter gets sick. After dealing with a creepy abomination, fishing up a zombie from the river, and other horrors, the family now faces the death of their beloved daughter. A creepy radio signal that repeats one phrase and saving a dying old man lead them to a supposed hospital.

Okay, up until now the book was fairly your average zombie whacking fiction. After they enter the hospital and face the totally insanity and ickiness inside, my mind was reeling from the creepy and horror. If you’re squeamish with death and torture by madmen, might want to skip this book. To be honest, I felt like the description didn’t given any hint of the total insanity at the end. What the hell? My stomach twisted and I felt light headed with all the murder and torture, but the hero at the end was totally unexpected, and made me want to read more. This book is not for the faint of heart. But if you can stomach some descriptive horror, your mind will be intrigued.


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I was born in Hertford, UK. When I was young I did much that was creative. I used to write and draw, I used to imagine castles beneath the sea and all the odd monsters living beneath the ground.

Then I hit a certain age. And I lost about fifteen years to angst, alcohol, gaming, girls, unhappiness, stupidity, debt and a general lack of direction.

Five years ago my daughter was born. The light which had grown dim at the back of my mind lit up once more, within its light I rediscovered the castles beneath the sea where I played as a child, I fell once more beneath the shadow of the monsters. I started writing. And I have not looked back.