Friday, September 27, 2013

Review: Secrets and Sins: Malachim (A Secrets and Sins Novel #2) by Naima Simone


So, Danielle’s life kinda sucks. Her first husband is a controlling and abusive nut job. She’s on the run with a new identity after putting his nasty self behind bars, but is barely surviving with a new job as waitress at a diner. Though she was once a successful lawyer, she meets up with yummy Malachim one night applying for a job as paralegal at his firm. A secret from Malachim’s past has his license suspended and his client’s and employees are dropping like flies. He hires Danielle reluctantly and they spend the next few weeks fighting their attraction with each other while Danielle is repeatedly attacked by an unknown assailant(s).

I appreciated that the author took the descriptive time to give Danielle’s background and did not sugar coat it. It explained her awkward and timid tendencies. At times, I still wanted to shake her shoulders when she runs away for the hundredth time! Ah! But it’s understandable given the sequence of events leading up to her and Mal’s intense relationship with each other.

Poor Mal has already been taken advantage of by an ex fiancĂ©e and his back-stabbing father. Danielle’s vulnerability awakens his beaten heart and his sole purpose is to protect her from those who would do her harm.
I continuously rooted for their romance and the evolution of their relationship was enjoyable. I look forward to reading about the other guys in his crew of best friends in the following sequels.


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