Sunday, September 8, 2013

Review Short: Adrasteia: A Prequel (Eternelles 0.1) by Natalie G. Owens and Zee Monodee

Adrasteia 'Adri' Dionysios, daughter of a god, has roamed the world as she pleased for many lifetimes. After a night about town with a relative, she feels lonely. Poof. Wishes and the magic of others' burst a child of flames into her arms. Sudden mommyhood! (Being a mother myself, it sure doesn't work that way... or that easily). This novella explains the beginning of Adrasteia's motherhood and birth/no birth of her daughter  Seraphine. Simple, easy introduction to Seraphine's entrance into this world and the start of her adventures.



Book is free for download as of 9/8/2013.

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Zee Monodee