Sunday, September 22, 2013

Review: Wonderstruck (Young Adult Anthology) by Clean Teen Publishing


Based on their unique view of different pictures, the authors in this anthology penned whatever inspired them. Some are short; some long; some just a few sentences.
This was a fantastic anthology of blended short and long stories in young adult fantasy. Any reader will easily get swept into the engrossing array of writing styles, characters, and story lines. A perk is getting to meet old authors read before, but mostly new and unknown indie authors. My absolute favorite story was Heartkeepers by B.T. Lyons.
My past experiences with anthologies have been hit or miss. This was a definite win. I enjoyed the majority of the stories. Given the amount of stories and their various lengths, this book was easy to pick up and enjoy one short story or sit and read awhile with a longer novella. Another great aspect of this book is how long it is! Not just a quick jumble of stories brought together, but instead, a bunch of stories available in one long book. The editors did a lovely job of mixing genres and writing styles to make the flow of the anthology unique and to continually grasp the reader’s interest.
I encourage anyone who enjoys young adult fantasy or paranormal to check out this book and find some new authors to read in the future.

As of this posting, this anthology is currently $.99 and be borrowed from the Kindle Lending Library for Amazon Prime Members.


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