Monday, November 11, 2013

Book Review & Tour: Ivory by F. M. Sherrill

Ivory Button Cover Reveal 300 x 225


Two worlds. One dark and one bright. Gryth lives in eternal sunlight and Lectra in moonlight. After witnessing the brutal deaths of her father and mother, King and Queen of Gryth, Ivory is left as the sole heir and wages war against the Lec. Part of a three warrior group called the Blood Pack she roams the outside walls of Gryth, killing anyone and anything in her way. Ivory’s people are dying and she sets out to a final battle to destroy her enemies. Captured, she is made to relive all the truths, lies, and truths within lies that are her past, present, and future. Facing possible death multiple times, betrayal from her closest allies and winning and losing love within a few months, her plate is quite full. She must face herself, her past sins, and her heritage.  Now facing the true enemy that is out to destroy their whole world Silver, King of the Lecs, and Ivory must stand together or lose everything and everyone they love.

The author’s style of writing is very fluid and poetic. Most books I like to listen to audibly using a special program, but the writing was too quick and descriptive. The reader definitely needs a quiet nook and a few free hours to be able to follow this author’s extremely fast descriptions and actions sequences. The story is very gripping and a lovely dark fantasy. The author does a great job of setting the scene, character building, and generally making the reader dizzy with all the twists and turns. My only complaint is the story seemed to peter out at the end. Ivory was coming to grips, adapting, and all of a sudden she’s back to bad-attitude-I-hate-everyone sequence. It’s like all of her growth went down the drain and she’s back to be a witchy woman with no compassion or heart. The book ends on a funky cliffhanger and no closure. Hopefully the author will wrap up the series and Ivory can finally get some lovin’, defeat the bad guy, and save her people.



Aren't author's bios boring? I always wanted to read one that went something like this:

F.M. Sherrill: recent citizen of earth. Plans on ruling the planet once she gets over the common cold. Or, F.M. Sherrill: time traveler. Decided to alter the space-time continuum by writing a novel, thus changing history slightly, which will eventually lead to the rise of a new human species.

But here it is. F.M. Sherrill is a novelist, A.K.A. an avid bullshitter; that's why she lives in L.A.. She's been writing for as long as her ancient mind can remember, devouring tales like an anemic vampire roaming the streets in hot pink heels, always thirsty for more. When she's not writing, she's making steampunk weapons, sewing giant plant-eater Mario plushes, making costumes for some film bloke or cosplayer, and sculpting/casting movie prop replicas while gardening in her urban apartment. Her favorite tools? A soldering iron, a blowtorch, a band saw, a sonic screwdriver, a replicator and an active imagination.



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