Thursday, November 7, 2013

Review: Welcome to Sugartown by Carmen Jenner

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I've been pouting like a child for a month over a damn book rut. I couldn't get into ANY books that I have picked up. It had to be me right? Welcome to Sugartown was a slap to my senses and I loved every delicious second of it! I've seen the buzz on Facebook for this book but the teaser pics are the thing that did me in and I one clicked that bitch faster than I could think. Right off the bat, these characters clung to me. Ana and Holly together are so frickin hilarious! I'll admit I was a bit skeptical when Elijah showed up. I kept thinking "oh here we go. Another book where girl meets boy that's unbelievably fucking hot and they fall madly in love." This was not the case. There are SO MANY FEELS!!! It has that swoon factor and scenes that will rip your fucking heart out and feed it to you. One minute I'm drooling over Elijah and I want to gut him the next. It totally worked! I will never spoil a book so I won't tell you what he did but he totally redeemed himself. He was a broken soul and Ana changes him for the better. If you haven't picked up this book yet you're really missing out!

Maybe a little spoilery....

"White? That's good. virginal. He'll be reminded this is a first for you and hopefully won't just impale you on his pork sword." -Holly

"From the day we're born to the day we die, we fucking hurt and we cry and we pick ourselves up and, if we're really lucky, we have people to help us pick up the fucking pieces" -Elijah