Sunday, December 8, 2013

Review: Blood Healing (The Healers of Meligna #2) by K.J. Colt

Blood Healing, book two of The Healers of Meligna, delves into the intrigue and insanity of the Queen’s court. Adenine is placed in the inner circle of the court with the favored Healers and is faced with her first love, discrimination for her birthplace, and the truly wicked plans the Queens have for Meligna, its people, and the surrounding countries.

The story is woven flawlessly and Ms. Colt continues an insanely fun and multi-plotted fantasy series. Adenine is an amazingly plucky and real character that continues to survive the shocking life she is thrust into. She is resilient and her discovery will literally rewrite history. Readers will enjoy the sudden change in store for Healers and the upcoming battles and mysteries that Adenine will have to face.

Readers should be warned that some squeamish topics arise in the book and may be difficult for some to read. (For example, girls become Healers at puberty and some are made to heal at that young age through sleeping with the sick or wounded. This conflict is resolved in book two.) The author handles these topics well and it’s bearable and fits within the cultural world she has created and Adenine lives in.

I look forward to continuing the series and can’t wait to see Adenine get older and continue changing the world around her one small step at a time.





Kylie J. Colt lives on the west coast of Australia in the sprawling city of Perth and has been writing for three years. Her favourite writers are Kristin Cashore, Robin Hobb, Trudi Canavan and Maria V. Snyder. She has an honours degree in psychology and counselling, enjoys road trips, gaming (Skyrim/Civilisation/Assassin's Creed), music festivals (electronica), playing pool, yoga, bushwalking, and gobbles up anything fantasy-related. Her favourite fantasy shows include Game of Thrones and Trueblood, and she is currently reading Robin Hobb's Blood of Dragons.