Thursday, December 19, 2013

Review: Reckoning(Arotas Trilogy #2) by Amy Miles


review**This review contains spoilers for book 1 so please do not read any further if you have not read it**

Reckoning starts off right were Forbidden ended. After the battle with Vladimir, the only way to save Gabriel's life was to turn him. In my opinion, that book ended in a cliffy because you didn't know if it actually saved him or what was in store for them next. Right off the bat Gabriel is taken from her. She enlists the help of an unlikely ally in order to find Gabriel. The book alternates between Rose's and Gabriel's POV's. I can totally hang with that but it crazy around the midway mark. I'd find myself waiting on bated breaths, hoping for a bone...anything to bring them back together.

All of the action that I loved in Forbidden is back in full force times 10. It was gorey and incredibly detailed. I could feel myself in the scenes, watching it unfold right before my eyes. Just when I thought I was getting what I wanted it was snatched away from me. I feel like Amy killed my puppy....not just killed it, but ripped it to shreds. My heart is broken after yet another CLIFFY! I can't even wrap my mind around the revelations that were thrown at me. Everything I believed was somehow twisted into this magnificent mind fuckery that was utterly fantastic. NO ONE IS SAFE!!! Just remember that. I hope book three is a bit kinder to my heart.



Amy Miles is the author of Forbidden, Reckoning and Defiance Rising. When she’s not writing, Amy can be found traveling, cuddled up with a good book or beating her husband at Scrabble.

Amy is currently working to release five more books in 2013.

Redemption (Book III of the Arotas Trilogy)
Immortal Rose (Prequel to the Arotas Trilogy)
Relinquish (Book II of the Rising Trilogy)
Netherworld (Book I of the Hallowed Realms Trilogy)
And an NA contemporary romance that is still to be named