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Expand Your Universe #UtopYACon2014 @UtopYAcon


Hello awesome peeps!! Today I'm going to tell you why it's important to "Expand Your Universe," book-lover style, and why Cons like UtopYA are just the ticket you need!

  • Sky is the limit!

Whether you are a reader, blogger or an author, breaking out of your shell can open you up to a world full of new books and awesome people. I'm sure we all have a reading list like you wouldn't believe. UtopYA introduced me to so many books that I may not have heard of through word of mouth.

  • Fan-girling!

Lets be real here, you all know we're all going to UtopYA to tackle hug our favorite authors. Authors fan-girling other authors, bloggers fan-girling over another blogger they follow, and readers fan-girling over the authors that pour their hearts into their books, the bloggers who share their books and other readers who love them too. It's an amazing cycle of crazy goodness. I was so nervous to attend UtopYA in 2013. I was literally on the plane FREAKING OUT!! Nausea, sweats...the works. I get there and I felt like this is what I was missing from my life. I went gaga over my favorite authors, even cried after meeting my very first indie author ::cough cough Shelly cough::: :) I went nuts meeting other bloggers that I've looked up to for so long. I even had other readers, authors and bloggers tell me they follow my blog. I went out of my way to meet new people, which is UNHEARD of for me. If I can do it, you can do it. Author Amy Miles says "The indie world is filled with so much yet to be discovered talent. Through social media and events like UtopYA you get to connect with people who just "get it." They understand the thrill of holding a new book in hand, fangirling over a new fave author and cheering on each other's successes." I couldn't have said it better myself.

  • Making it personal part 2

I touched on making it personal in my feed your readers post. The same applies and more when it comes to a bookish event like this. I trolled Facebook and asked a reader that will be attending what she thinks is important when attending a convention. Marla say "I have been able to get to know them personally; they have shared their inspirations, challenges, future plans for both themselves and their characters, and other details only they could divulge." You just can't get any more personal than this! It's nothing short of spectacular and events like UtopYA make this possible for us.

  • I'll scratch your back and you scratch mine

Maybe I should have chosen another way to explain that....I'm feeling a little creepy after that line LOL. Networking is another way to "Expand your universe." Kelsey of K Keeton Designs attended UtopYA as a reader and expanded her business to work with these amazing authors. Kelsey says "Last year when I went it was to meet others who enjoyed reading as much I as I do. To understand what it is like to have a book boyfriend or feel devastated when something awful happens to a character. It has now provided me to do photography for authors. Something I never thought of doing… NEVER would have happened if I didn't "expand my universe".

There are so many types of people that attend a book event. You have authors, bloggers, small publishing houses, publicists, cover designers and editors. GAH the list is endless! It's only as good as you make it so get out there and do what you've always wanted to do. Start writing that book or write that blog...there are plenty of cheerleaders in your corner.

  • This feels like home

I said it before and I'll say it again...It felt AMAZING to attend UtopYA. I met my blogging bestie, Lori, and so many talented people. Mary from Book Nerds Across America says "Conventions help bring us all together who have that same love; books, great stories, and the amazing authors. It’s a place where everyone can talk, meet, and relive their experiences with the books that drew us all together."


I hope to see you all at UtopYA 2014! There will be plenty of panels that are helpful for everyone and you wont want to miss it! To see what UtopYA is all about, visit and for tickets visit

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