Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Passion of an Angel: Shade of Light






We all know about the Garden of Eden and what Adam and Eve did to earn the wrath of God. This is a short story that tells you about the time in the Garden of Eden, but there is a twist. It is not your normal Adam meets Eve there is a snake and a tree. It is a new perspective on the whole Garden of Eden and Lucifer. Eve meets a "white angel" who you learn later on is Lucifer and they both have feelings for each other is this how Lucifer got into the humans heart?  Even though it was a good twist, I did find myself wondering who was who at times with the angels conversation. And it was hard to keep up and I found myself re-reading just to make sure I knew who was saying what, or whose action was what.  If you bypass that you have a quick story that is enjoyable and a great intro into a series. There is some sexual content but nothing that is a wham bam OMG!




Suren Armenian writer Suren Fant (Hakobyan) is an author of fantasy and mystery stories. He's got a lot writings that hasn't translated into English yet.
Suren's writings are differ, he likes to keep the readers intrigued. One of his short stories "Passion of an Angel" is written in English and is available now.