Monday, February 10, 2014

The Vampire's Food Chain

Add-to-Goodreads-button   Buy-book-from-Amazon-button review This is a bit of different kind of vampire book. You have a vampire named Shawn who has outed the vampire community, works in a call center and ends up with the job of a God. But she never once forgets her friends, they are always there to help her and give her advice.  When starts taking on jobs from the God meetings well that is when she discovers someone close to her wants to kill her but who? She thinks everyone is her friend but are they really? Now I thought the story line of the book was decent, you learn a lot about the value of friendship, good and evil of course. But it just seemed to really fall flat for me. I guess I wanted more within the story. It really wasn't what I was hoping for. Not a lot of action within the story I mean there are like 2 fight scenes. There seemed to be a lot of mentioning of her feeding off of Derek, which was cool but still it was like okay. About towards the ending I was just getting a bit bored I kept losing interest, but I stayed with the book. She did about two jobs within her God state but it wasn't really anything that WOWed me.

My favorite quote: "Vamps don't mate for longer than the length of a penis". Now the ending left me going okay could there be a book two and it helped bump my rating back up to a 4 from a 3. I would like to see what her next job is and if it will be packed with maybe more action for a vampire book.



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