Monday, May 12, 2014

Planning Your Trip to utopYA 2014!

planBy now a lot of you have already set your accommodations and travel plans, but now is the time to put yourself in gear to make the most out of your trip to utopYA. Lists are always helpful to keep on track (that is if you remember to bring your list LOL) Make sure you email that list to yourself. Don't be that guy haha.

Everyone's lists will be different but here is my list with suggestions from other attendees:

Start saving moeny now if you haven't already!

Photo i.d., credit cards, and cash!

I can't stress to you how important it is not to forget theses...especially if  you're flying. (derp)

Dress for the occasion

As Janet has said, it is hotter than Hades in Nashville. I kid you not, it's like outer realm of hell. You are the judge of your own temperature so dress is layers. Better to be safe than sorry. I lived in sundresses last year. If you're going to wear a dress, bring a sweater. It's in a hotel this year and they'll probably have the air on full blast.

Bring comfortable shoes! This is not the time to bring those hot new sandals that you haven't broken in.

The Awards ceremony! There is no dress code and you can wear what you want. I've seen everything from jeans to prom dresses. Wear what's comfortable for you or go all out and deal with the pain on Sunday :)

AND if you aren't staying at the hotel, bring an extra set of clothes in a backpack or in a friends room.


If you plan to buy books, you're going to need extra luggage. Depending on your airline they may charge extra for checked baggage fees. Always check beforehand. I decided to ship my books home via FedEx. Cost me about $30 but it was worth it. Who really wants to carry and extra 25 lbs? Of course I couldn't locate a USPS office when I was there. Damn that GPS! It may be more beneficial to ship FedEx because it's insured. USPS can get expensive if you aren't shipping via media mail(use at your own risk!)

Also, bring a tote/backpack to the con. You'll want something to carry all those books/swag you get. You get a tote bag with your Con entry but it never hurts to have an extra.


Don't forget these. Expect some soreness from walking around all day. Parajunkee also suggested 5 hour energy. GET THAT! P.S. don't forget your daily meds if you're on any.


I'd hope that you don't leave your phone at home. You may also want to bring a camera, laptop, tablet, headphones, etc. Bring them! But don't forget the charger/batteries/memory cards. Also be sure to have extra batteries for cameras. I ran out last year LOL.

Autograph Books

Notebooks, photo books, scrapbooks, Kindle/Nook cases, whatever. Bring something that you want signed for authors that you aren't purchasing a book from. Pens don't hurt either and you'll probably get one on a table or two. Business Cards...bring a handful with you. It's okay to network just don't be a spammer.


There will be limited beverages available. Coffee in the AM and water/tea in the afternoons, but its limited supply, or better said -- limited time. It's out in the AM for a couple hours and out in the afternoon for about an hour. Basically don't expect there to be some at all times. The hotel has a restaurant and bar from which you can purchase food an beverages. Outside food/drinks are highly discouraged. If you are staying at the hotel be sure to have your room stocked. Same goes for wherever you are staying. I'd suggest Walmart before arriving so you can stock up on the cheap.

Hair/makeup products

If you have something in particular that you don't want to buy, say a hair straightener or your fav. shampoo, bring that with you. I like to travel light when it comes to toiletries because it's just easier for me to buy them when I get there. Take that, TSA! Don't forget your makeup if you wear it. Also, make sure you don't have a pocket knife in your makeup bag. Oops. Ren-1, TSA-1.

Bring a book!

Go figure! You're going to a con, that's a given right? I made the mistake of shipping them ALL home last year and guess who got stuck in the airport with dead electronics and nothing to read? This chick right here. Also, don't forget your books from home that you want signed. An inventory would have been nice. Now I have to dig through 4 boxes of books to find them. YIKES.

Bring something special for your Favorite Author!

I heard from a little bird that they like that stuff.... and this is totally optional. If you're from an area that has certain candies, bring it! Or you can personalize something for them. They eat it up!

Contact lenses/Glasses

Don't forget these! Also bring an extra set if you have them. I WOULD be the one to break my glasses.


As always, I'm probably forgetting something. Never fails when writing a going away list.

What are your suggestions?

 I hope to see you all at UtopYA 2014!

There will be plenty of panels that are helpful for everyone and you wont want to miss it!

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