Sunday, May 18, 2014

Review: Broken Skies by Theresa Kay

"I'm going on an adventure!" I feel like Bilbo! Jax's brother Jace is taken by the E'rikon's, an alien race, and leaving behind one of their own, Lir. What I thought would be a simple human versus alien story turns into this complex, dystopian/sci-fi world that's nothing short of spectacular. Jax sets out on this quest to save her brother from the alien city with the help of Lir. What an adventure it was. I'm left reeling and what could only be described as emotional whiplash.

I liked how strong Jax was despite her need for an emotional crutch. And what can I say about Lir... I kinda love and despise him right now. My mind is still trying to grasp the everything that was thrown at me. :::I can't even:::cant

Broken Skies has easily taken top spot for my favorite alien book... And that's saying something since the Lux series was holding strong for the longest time. It also ends in a cliffy! Boy I love those cliffhangers. I'm so excited to find out what's next for the crew.

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