Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ren's Hottie Author List: Third Time's a Charm

Welcome to my third Hottie Author List! If you haven't had the viewing pleasure of stalking seeing the first two lists, you can access them here

We all fall in love with their writing, book boyfriends, book girlfriends...whatever. This is my fun way to promo being a total creeper haha. Thanks to everyone for their nominations. If you names someone and they are not on this list, there is a 90% chance that they are on a previous one. As always, I'm bound to miss someone. There will be future lists so don't fret!


This may be you shortly. Don't's totally normal. I know I need to go cool off.

 Oak Anderson

Jonathan Ryan

Jake Bonsignore 

Brad P. Christy

Aaron McGruder

Dave Eggers

Anthony Berrios

John Green

James Franco ....duh!

Jens Lapidus

Christopher Paolini...such a cute nerd!

Markus Zusak

Joshua Ferris

Alexander Zaitchik

R.K. Ryals

Milly Taiden

Meg Collett

B N Toler

Theresa Kay

Casey Bond

Victoria Faye

I want to grow up to be Victoria LOL
Angel Haze

Amy Bartol

Kandi Steiner

Staci Hart

Kallie Ross Mathews

Nely Cab

Kenya Wright

Trisha Wolfe

Mindy Ruiz

Hope Collier

Rhiannon Paille

Nichole Greene

Gennifer Albin/ Geneve Lee

Tyffani Clark Kemp

BJ Sheldon

Crystal Bryant

Rachael Brownwell

Renee S Broadhead

Kellee A. Gilmore

Riiva Williams

Rachael Wade

Kristie Cook

Inger Iverson

Nad├Ęge  Richards

Misty Provencher

Shawn McGuire

Mary Ting/M Clarke

Christal Mosley

Shannon Morton

Kimber S. Dawn

Suzanna Lynn

Carmen Jenner, the hottest Aussie I know!

Starla Huchton

Mindy Hayes

S. Mulholland

Kate Givans

A.O. Peart

Sophie Davis

Christy Sloat

Meg Cabot

Silla Webb

Sarah Elizabeth

L.B. Simmons

Alicia Wright

Priscilla Glenn

Wendy Higgins

Abi & Missy

Hollie Westring

Tara Moss

Sarah Maas..I think she's the most gorgeous person I've even seen!

Melanie Dawn

Danielle A. Elwood

 Sylvia Day

Rebecca Ethington

Marissa Carmel

Alice Clayton