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Review: Elysium (Elysium Chronicles #1) by Georgia Cline

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Elysium (Elysium Chronicles Book 1) by [Cline, Georgia]Review: Elysium (Elysium Chronicles #1) by Georgia ClineTitle: Elysium
Published: Feb. 28, 2014
Genres: urban fantasy
Pages: 212
Format: eBook
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What you do when your blood can save another? Only, a few pints aren't enough. Years ago, a demonic strain of the Black Death gripped the continents in terror. Nothing could stop it. It was renamed Red in its early stages. Red for blood.
That's what it all comes down to: blood. In Eliza Morgan lives the cure--but there's a price. It takes all of it. Eliza discovered that as she watched her mother die, when a small amount fell from an open cut onto her mother's blackened skin. The effect was only momentary.
Nine years later, men in black suits come to her house, throw a bag over her head, and toss her in the back of a van. When Eliza wakes, there's nothing but concrete and prison bars. Her secret is out, and before long she might die for it. There is, however, a rumor--a rumor of an elusive haven. No one finds it--it finds them.
And for whatever reason, it wants very badly to find Eliza.

This book was a bit different than I expected it to be and for me it was hard to determine if the book was set in the present or in the future. We have the plague which has taken the life of people. The only cure seems to be the blood of “special” people, now how these people are special I am not quite sure really. Fast forward a few years, Eliza has seen her mother die in front of her and now out of no where she is being hunted. For me I didn’t truly understand why the men in black suits waited so long to take Eliza. But I could over look that and just get into the story. It seems as soon as Eliza is kidnapped from her home she ends up in a prison that seems colder than you can imagine, of course she isn’t in there long as she ends up on the run and getting help from people she has never meet before.
Some how people that are “special” like Eliza have been looking for her and want to keep her safe so they bring her to this place they call Elysium. The way you get there seem surreal, which had me thinking could this be set into the future. Elysium is like no other place on Earth, it is beautiful and very different. But Eliza doesn’t get the welcome wagon like you would think, and there is a true reason for it. Eliza also learns things about her life that she never knew before, especially something really big.
This is a great start to a series, but at times I felt as though the book was rushed, and that there were questions with no answers. The feelings that Eliza gets for one of the officers of Elysium felt off and I am thinking that it could be because Eliza doesn’t seem like an adult more like a teenager maybe? Though when she started talking in front of the council she seemed like an adult.
I do want more character build up of Eliza, and I would like to get answers on to how the “special’ people became.  Seeing as how this is book one, I do hope book two is a bit more developed with the characters and action scenes.

Georgia Cline
Georgia Cline is a sixteen-year-old high school student. She has been homeschooled for most of her life and is proudly ‘un-socialized’. Recently moved to the mountains of North Georgia, she lives with her brother, parents, and two spoiled rabbits.