Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Penned Con 2014 Recap

Hey everyone!! I just got back from Penned Con on Sunday night and I'm still not ready to get back into the swing of things. In case you aren't aware, Penned Con donated proceeds from the convention to Action For Autism, a St. Louis based organization dedicated to improving the lives of autistic children. This year they've raised over $11,000! That's incredible! Thanks to all of the volunteers, Amy Miles, and Rick Miles for putting together an amazing event.

I'm no stranger to conventions. I usually just go to see my friends and meet new authors. I was so out of my element here! I literally only knew about 10% of the people there. Here I am trying to blend in with the wall. It was overwhelming but oh so wonderful! My journey started at 2:30 am on Thursday morning. Got my shiz ready to go and got my butt on a plane. I landed around 8 am local time and drove to Indiana to pick up the lovely Desiree DeOrto. I swear, she tried to feed me to the corn fairies. I've never seen so many fields and corn in my life! WHERE'S THE CONCRETE?! We have a funny video heading back to St. Louis on Instagram.

The panels were awesome! I usually feel like most panels are geared towards writers but I found these were easy to enjoy as a reader. Jasinda Wilder and Abbi Glines were out keynotes for the weekend. These ladies are amazing and I feel honored to have met them. AND I MET COLLEEN HOOVER!! :::thud:::

C.J. Roberts is SO FRICKIN FUNNY! I want to be like her when I grow up lol. Of course I'm not that outgoing, hence the trying to blend in with the walls, but I met some awesome people. I'm sure I'll forget some but here they are... Eric Frickin Asher and his gf Amy! The WordWenches, Desiree DeOrto, Leann Cavallaris, Sarah Pepper, Mindy Hayes, Julie Cassar, JD Nelson, Colleen Hoover, Candy Chapman, Amy Remus, JA Huss, Alison Pensy, Mary Beth Witkop, Angela Pratt, Venture Cecena, Tish Thawer and Jennifer Laslie. Of course I got to see my old favs, Sarah Ashley Jones, Michele G. Miller, Kendra Malcom, Nancy Byers, Kelsey Keeton, Zac Rantz, Felicia Tatum, Susan Burdorf, Eva Pohler, Theresa Kay, Chanda Hahn, Mindy Ruiz, Hope Collier, Danielle Bannister, Amy Miles, Rick Miles, Jordan Deen, and Abbi Glines. I am most likely forgetting someone...my bad!

It was such a blast! I hope you will all check it out for next year. As promised, here is my vlog from Penned with my book haul and fav. swag!