Friday, October 3, 2014

Book Review & Giveaway (Blog exclusive: signed paperback!): Ancient Hunter: A Modern Mythos by Arden Aoide



One of the coolest things in my wee reading world is having been able to meet the author before I read her work. Opening up to the first page after having a valid, fun and quirky conversation with Arden was like going on a second date. Butterflies, unsure, but excited.

“Ancient Hunger” did not disappoint! Described adeptly as a dark romance, I didn’t find it too dark, dull, or overwhelming in sadness. Instead, pleasantly, I found the characters, their lives and histories, and romances written extremely well and in great detail. Not to mention, the sexy scene were –sexy- and not overpowering.

Immortal creatures have roamed Earth through countless lifetimes and the story takes place around a handful of them. The cast of characters is a blend of a completely mad man and his wrong love, an arrogant but not shallow past king, a melodic, quiet tattooist and his human love, and a few others. The book carefully follows the love story of the tattoo artist and his human, who has made a connection with an ancient goddess. Hitching a ride with our paranormal romance is a homey threesome couple with mixed pasts, and the insane torture of a fanatic mad man on a mission to cleanse his past love her perpetuated sins. I’ll leave it there so I don’t give too much away.

Dark, richly detailed and not a typical paranormal read, it was fun to get lost in the world that Arden has created.




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