Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Review: Eyes of the Woods by Eden Fierce

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Eyes of the Woods by Eden Fierce, is the story of Eris, a young girl that is raised to be a loyal protector of the town her family have prevailed over for centuries. The only girl born to her father Dyre and mother Ingrid, Eris was determined to change the world surrounding her. Eris, along with her father and brothers, spent every evening scouring the woods for Nightwalkers because they believed they were protecting against evil immortals. As a whole, the plot and story were very creative and imaginative. It’s not your typical vampire novel where the vampires hunt the humans because of their thirst for blood. I, particularly, liked how Eris and Daniel (her love interest) were able to show that humans and immortals were able to live in peace side by side. I did, however, find a few discrepancies with the book. In chapter one page 14 Eris explains that Eitr is made from the blood of the recently deceased, but in chapter 3 page 42 it is referred to as Vileon, and Vileon is the made from the stomach fluids of a slain nightwalker, so it causes some confusion as to what is actually being harvested from the human body in chapter 4. Also, I found a few grammatical errors, such as using “her” when referencing to a male charter’s belongings and simple indentations at the start of the next paragraph. I am a stickler for grammar, and when I read something that should have been edited and proof read several times I expect it to be perfect. As a story, I found it would be appealing for much younger readers and I do see the author has much potential as a writer. If you are into books about immortals and having peace brought to the world surrounding you, then I recommend this book.




Eden Fierce was born August 25, 1999 and lives in Enid, Oklahoma with her parents and two siblings. She published her debut novel, YA paranormal romance Eyes of the Woods, in August 2014, at the age of fourteen.

Eden enjoys writing, reading, XBox, and high school cheer and volleyball.