Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Crochet Tunisian Angel Wings

Alright y'all...I've been beating my brain trying to figure out the crochet pattern. I don't speak Russian and I couldn't even get the translation by using a chart. I FINALLY found it!! Whenever I was searching Google I was using US crochet terms. I always came across the image but never the pattern. Well, the light bulb turned on this afternoon! I figured I can translate the English terms into Russian and search that way. BAM! IT WORKED. And the best part.... THERE IS A VIDEO TUTORIAL! Yes, you heard that right. A VIDEO!!! Don't get too's not in English but it's super easy to follow and there are US crochet terms that pop up on the video.

This is the site that had the pictures and video attached I'll also embed it for you below.

I also found a similar style but a different pattern, also in Russian, but still as beautiful. It says crochet leaf, but I think they look like wings :)
The image is from Knitting for beginners

Hope this helps my fellow crocheters!