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Book Tour & Review: Ben's School Daze by Robyn Sims and Joanne Larcom

Title: Ben’s School Daze
Authors: Robyn Sims and Joanne Larcom
Publisher: Peence & Rogue Designs Pty Ltd
Pages: 28
Genre: Children’s Picture Book
This is a story about Ben, a lively and active boy, who finds the sensory experiences within his day to be overwhelming.   Loud noises vibrate through his body and “shoes and sock bother him.. they never feel just right”.   This can make it hard for Ben to be a good student.  But don’t worry, his teacher and mum know what to do to help him through his day.

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Ben’s School Daze is available at the authors’ website.
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Book Excerpt:
Ben is a playful, lively boy
who is always on the go

He is out of bed at the crack of dawn
and never seems to slow

Lego, swords and action figures 
are his favourite toys

He loves running, climbing, riding
and playing with other boys.

But something is going on for Ben,
it’s not always smooth sailing

At times the smallest request
leaves him stomping and wailing

His sister complains that he’s moody
‘cause his behaviour can be erratic

He plays up at dinner and bath-time
and parties make him frantic.

Ask Ben and he would tell you
that it’s hard to cope each week

With scratchy tags, stiff clothes
and horrid smells that reek

Shoes and sock bother him
they never feel “just right”

And hairbrushing “hurts”
so he protests with a fight.
I loved this book! I have and currently work with kiddos who have some issues processing the fast paced world around us. Whether due to a diagnose or simple a more quiet child's way of perceiving the world, this can be a hard world to take in for any kiddo. My own son, 3/12 years old, tends to more time to process, observe new situations. If we attend a busy or crowded event, he needs time afterwards to process it or have quiet time. I can only imagine how it must few for a child who has a diagnosis that impairs and heightens his or her awareness of every day life. The child friendly book gives an excellent way of showing how a typical day in the life for one of these kiddos is. The introduction before the story even highlights way to use the book. Once the story goes through the struggles of Ben's day and how the adults in his life helped him achieve, the author gives an explanation of sensory processing disorder, activities to help, and other resources to follow up on. I highly recommend this book for anyone with children or who work with children. This is a great resource I plan on sharing with other parents and when my son is older and can understand. I think it will help him personally and help him understand and have empathy for his peers that have special and/or different needs. 
Note: I received a copy of ebook by the author and book tour. This did not affect my review in any way. 

Robyn Sims is a paediatric occupational therapist who works in private practice with many children with sensory processing challenges.  She is co-director of Magnetic Moves and co-presents workshops on SPD.  Joanne Larcom is a mother to four beautiful children, one of whom has sensory processing challenges.  She is co-director of Magnetic Moves and presents workshops on SPD with Robyn.
 Their latest book is the children’s picture book, Ben’s School Daze.For More InformationVisit the authors’ website.Connect with the authors on Facebook and Twitter.Contact the authors.

Book Tour & Review: Angels, Angels, Everywhere by Michelle Beber

Title: Angels, Angels, Everywhere
Author: Michelle Beber
Publisher: Balboa Press
Pages: 30Genre: Juvenile Fiction/Children’s Picture Book
Format: Paperback/Kindle/Nook
Angels, Angels, Everywhere is a non-denominational, multiracial book written in delightful rhythm and rhyme and accompanied by charming illustrations. The themes of constant support and unconditional love are designed to help children deal with everyday experiences in life. By developing children’s faith in knowing that they are not alone and building their trust that they are consistently watched over, cared for, and loved, children will become empowered to deal with life’s challenges. The book also lets children know that angels are there in good times as well, sharing in their joy.

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Angels, Angels, Everywhere is available at Amazon.
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The book can also be purchased at Balboa Press.
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Book Excerpt:
When things go wrong,
Just stop and pray,
And angels come
To save the day.

"Angels, Angels, Everywhere" was a cute read. The illustrations were colorful and cast angels in a kind, loving way as they interacted with the children. The rhymes were easy for new readers. While I have different beliefs regarding angels (traditional Christian), it was a endearing way to introduce angels to a child.

I kindly received a paperback copy of this children's book from the author and book tour company in exchange for an honest  review. Thank you!

Michelle Beber has certifications as an Angel Intuitive and Angel Oracle Card Reader from renowned "angel lady," Doreen Virtue, as well as certifications as a Spiritual Teacher and Archangel Life Coach from Doreen's son, Charles Virtue.
In 2008, Michelle's life changed when she attended a spiritual retreat and learned about angels and how they communicate through repetitive number sequences known as "angel numbers." Little did she know that this insight would lead her on an amazing spiritual journey that would directly connect her with angels and result in the discovery of her life purpose.
Always grateful for the spiritual guidance she has received, Michelle looks forward to sharing the knowledge she has gained to inspire others, especially children. Michelle is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI).
Her latest book is the juvenile fiction/children’s picture book, Angels, Angels, Everywhere.For More InformationVisit Michelle Beber’s website.Connect with Michelle on Facebook and Twitter.Find out more about Michelle at Goodreads.Visit Michelle’s blog.Contact Michelle.

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Review: Eyeballs Growing All Over Me …Again by Tony Rauch

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

10148074Title: Eyeballs Growing All Over Me ...Again
on October 24, 2010
Pages: 144
Format: eBook
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A man comes home to discover a Bigfoot-like creature watching his tv, a giant robot pays a visit to a couple, a new kid has some unusual toys to share, an inventor creates a gorgeous robot in order to meet women, a girl becomes so ill she has her head replaced with a goat head, someone wakes to discover little eyes growing all over his body, small, hairy creatures come looking to retrieve an object they had misplaced, and a boy finds an unusual pair of sunglasses in the weeds. These are the whimsical, surreal adventures of Tony Rauch.

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Book Review: My Spouse Wants More Sex Than Me: The 2-Minute Solution for a Happier Marriage by Dr. Ruxandra LeMay

My Spouse Wants More Sex Than Me banner

My Spouse Wants More Sex Than Me 2

Title: My Spouse Wants More Sex Than Me: The 2-Minute Solution for a Happier Marriage
Author: Dr. Ruxandra LeMay
Publisher: LJAR Services, LTC.
Pages: 67
Genre: Nonfiction/Psychology/Self-Help
Format: Kindle/Paperback (available soon)
Is “not enough sex” a daily or weekly argument in your relationship?
Is sex at the bottom of your to-do list after mopping the floors, laundry, and packing the kids’ lunches?
Would you rather catch up on your favorite show than have sex?
Then this book is for you.
Nowadays, women work more than ever; they juggle a career, a household, kids, bills, pets, their own parents and in-laws. In a relationship, marriage to be precise, sex is on a continuum: from hot and sweaty to non-existent. The author has seen numerous couples in therapy, all struggling to make the transition from “I can’t breathe without you” to “I would rather sleep than have sex.” Although most couples experience these changes, many don’t know how to handle them. Women feel exhausted, guilty, and wondering whether they need medication to feel some sort of sexual desire again. Men feel unloved, misunderstood, and highly frustrated. Nobody wins. And sometimes, the table turns and the man has a lower sex drive.
This unique book offers a practical solution that is a great compromise for both genders. It’s fast and easy to implement and maintain. It’s the real deal. The goals are realistic, easily attained, and make an actual difference in the relationship.
Dr. LeMay also talks about the fact that the female and male sex drives are different but there is no reason to apologize for such a difference. There is nothing wrong with women that have a low sex drive and not all men are addicted just because they like sex.
This book offers a compilation of tips and ideas to increase assertiveness and honesty during sex. Finally, the author introduces 10 insights into what affects female sex drive such as husband’s participation in household chores, his effort in looking good for his spouse, and his willingness to accommodate his wife’s sexual needs.


My Spouse Wants More Sex Than Me: The 2-Minute Solution for a Happier Marriage is available at Amazon.

Discuss this book at PUYB Virtual Book Club at Goodreads.


Why write The 2-Minute Solution? Well, at first, because my husband insisted on it. I can’t tell you how many times we have argued over whether this book will make a difference. In his mind, he is fighting on behalf of all the married men who are possibly misunderstood and sexually and emotionally deprived, and he strongly believes that this book will help many.

Interestingly enough, while the psychologist in me totally agrees with him, the female part of my brain continues to side with the stereotypical question: “Why does he care about sex that much?” This is kind of crazy, because I didn’t have this question when we first started dating. Honestly, I probably would have felt confused if he hadn’t cared about sex back then.

How did it all start? Well, we have been together for seventeen years and married for twelve years. We definitely think of our relationship in BC and AC terms - that is, “before and after children.” Our children are the most amazing people in our lives, and we are a hundred times happier and more content since they were born. They are also the reason for a lot of changes in our lives.

Before children, our lives consisted of work, lots of spontaneous date nights, movie marathons, and a whole lot more adrenaline between the sheets.

After children, our lives consist of getting dressed, making breakfast, packing lunches, getting dressed (did I say that already? That’s because I’ll bet one of us is not dressed yet), brushing teeth, driving kids to school, picking kids up from school, doing homework, taking kids to sports practice, getting dinner ready, feeding everyone, washing everyone, reading stories, and getting ready for the next day. Did we feed the dogs? How about the turtles? Or the fish? Are we done for today? Because I just want to get some sleep before we do it all over again tomorrow. A few years ago, there was a mom on YouTube who could sing her entire daily routine in one minute. Back then, when I was single, I thought she was weird. Today, I am that mother.

On the rare occasions when I go out to Happy Hour with my girlfriends, also mothers, we compare notes about our kids, about our spouses, and most often about how tired we are. And with that, occasionally we laugh about how our intimate lives have changed. Because I am a fairly private person, I am not quite ready to dive into specific details about how my sex life has evolved in the last eight years, but let’s just say that it has morphed into something a lot less steamy and romantic and a lot more practical.

This brings us to how the idea behind this book was born. Fortunately, while all of these changes were taking place, I was also getting a graduate degree in psychology. Both my husband and I agree that psychology kept us together, helped us grow, and allowed us to truly learn about each other.

As a child of divorced parents, I have developed an interest in how relationships start, maintain, and end, so it was a natural progression to focus on couples’ therapy during my graduate studies. Over time, I have gathered a lot of notes from the hundreds of books and articles, hours of therapy work with clients, and conversations with friends and relatives, and I have used many quotes and ideas from these sources in my writing.

Although there are a number of good books on sex, marriage, and communication, I have always found that most of the couples’ books are too long, are too complex, and try to cover too many intricate aspects of a relationship. Many readers get lost in all of the information and have a difficult time finding areas of focus or ideas that could be immediately applied to day-to-day life, so they can experience the much-needed relief in a timely manner.

Becoming a wife and a mother helped me develop a different and much better way of understanding and relating to my clients than any of the theories covered in graduate school. I realized that most of these books, although great resources, are often difficult to implement when your daily routine is as chaotic as I described earlier. Thus, I have tried to simplify the process of marital therapy to five key elements: sex, communication, financial matters, parenting, and dealing with in-laws (extended family).

This book will cover only two of these areas: sex and communication. I generally believe that if spouses are able to manage these two areas, they will have a significantly easier time working out the others.

I won’t lie. Marriage is hard. Once the blinding lust is gone, marriage is work. It is about constant compromise, scheduling, taking turns, sharing, and giving up personal likes for the benefit of the children and the integrity of the relationship. And even if you manage to get all of this right, there isn’t a guarantee that the relationship will survive. It ultimately comes down to the ability of each spouse to let go, as well as the partners’ level of optimism, sense of humor, and degree of commitment.

Obviously, when a marriage becomes work (and it will), the quantity and quality of sex change. This is not my opinion; this is just a fact of life. It simply depends on how much it changes. If it disappears or if it becomes the topic of excruciatingly painful daily conversations, you and/or your spouse have to do something about it, if you want the relationship to survive.

My straightforward approach to sex in a marriage has often been called “unromantic” or “too pragmatic.” There is some truth to this, but I prefer to describe my method as “a commonsense, easy-to-implement, and effective approach to a challenging time in a couple’s life.” And it works.

My Spouse Wants More Sex Than Me: The 2- Minute Solution for a Happier Marriage is a self-help book about sex and communication in a marriage. It is a humorous and straightforward book that talks about the reality of a marital relationship, not about the fairy tale you see in movies. With this book, I hope to:

First and foremost, challenge the traditional mind-set that good sex has to last for at least thirty minutes of foreplay, thirty minutes of penetration, and thirty minutes of cuddling.

Share the truth about the differences between men and women in terms of sex drive, desire, and arousal.

Offer a solution for the times when these differences widen, such as illness, stress, or being busy with work and parenthood.

Help spouses understand each other’s experience and find the time, energy, and motivation for sex in a crazy and fast-paced day-to-day routine.

I am sure you have already picked up from the tone of the book that women (especially busy, tired mothers) are less interested in sex. And although this statement is true for many, many women and is the focus of this book, I also want to make it clear that I am not generalizing and I am not saying that this is every woman’s experience.

The truth, however, is that most women nowadays work full-time jobs, still take care of the children and the household, and sometimes help care for ailing parents, relatives, or friends. Most women who are physically, mentally, and emotionally drained from juggling all of these tasks just don’t have the energy or motivation to have sex.

Nonetheless, this is not one of those books that tell you it’s your job to keep your man happy. It’s not going to tell you to buy sexy lingerie, how to find anyone’s secret G-spot, how to give mind-blowing oral sex, or how to have one-hour-long orgasms several times a night. You can find that advice in each of the last five hundred issues of Cosmopolitan or Glamour magazine. Most likely, you already know how to do most of those things. Most likely you used to do some of these things. But today, that is such a thought of the past. Today, the only thing you are looking forward to is watching a few episodes of Scandal, snuggling with a good book and a glass of wine after the kids are asleep, or getting a full nine-hour beauty sleep.

In all fairness, I also know women who struggle with the extreme opposite situation: their husbands are not interested in sex. Although the core of this book is directed toward women with lower sex drive-related issues, the ideas in this book are very much applicable to both scenarios; thus, both men and women could benefit from reading it.

As a matter of fact, for best results, I encourage you to read this book with your partner. Reading this book together is an opportunity to find out how you both feel about the topic and to understand each other’s perspective. Furthermore, it is an opportunity to learn that you are not alone. The experience of whatever is happening (or not happening) in your marriage is shared by many, many other couples. That insight in itself is often therapeutic.

However, the most important part is that The 2- Minute Solution is a hands-on book that strongly encourages practice. No self-help book, no matter how great it is, will make a difference unless the readers are willing to practice the skills described. To help with the practice aspect of this book, I have included “The Insight Corner” at the end of each chapter. This box describes a variety of assignments that are supposed to make you think about, talk about, and do things that may be out of your comfort zone, but are great stepping-stones for change. Please remember that practice takes time and failure before one can experience long-lasting success.

Those who know me can vouch that I am a big believer in “practice what you preach,” so I can say that my husband and I have been working at these skills for about seven years. I won’t lie; it did take some work, but this work was worth the time and effort. And don’t get me wrong, these skills and ideas will not resolve all of your marital problems, and they will not prevent arguments from happening. As a matter of fact, we still experience ups and downs that make me doubt my expert status at times, but, overall, we have made it so far, and we still like each other.

Please keep in mind that I wrote this book to complement and not to replace other medical, pharmacological, psychological, and spiritual resources available for couples’ health and marital therapy. There will be times when it is recommended to consult your physician, a sex therapist, your pastor, a friend, or a relative on the thousands of things that could go wrong (or right) in your relationship. I wrote this book, however, to stimulate a different perspective.

The thoughts and sex-provoking ideas described in this book have helped many, but they may not be helpful to all. While I am a licensed psychologist with experience in couples’ therapy, I am not a physician or a licensed sex therapist. Please consult with a physician, especially if you have a condition that may affect your sexual endeavors.

Finally, just to cross this off the list and ward off all of the critics who may line up to say that this book will take women back to the dark ages, this is not about a “wife’s duty to perform” or about some sort of submissive perspective. I meant this book to be a modern and fresh “hands-on” approach (no pun intended) to highlight how biology, communication, and psychology can come together successfully and contribute to a loving and committed relationship in today’s fast-paced and often stressful home environment.


*** 4.5/5 Stars ***

I've been married for over six years and together with my husband for 7. Our son is about three and a half years old. I completely agree that it takes a whole new perspective to keep the sugar and spice going in the marriage after the baby. Our son is wonderful, gross, time zapper/time adder, adventure, awesome, tiring, and the glue of loving family for our marriage. We have had our ups and down, especially in that newborn stage. It was very hard for me to be intimate for about 6 months following the birth of our son. My hubby was wonderful and patient, but I know it's had a toll on our relationship through the roller coaster of having our son and just growing in our marriage.

This book was a great short read. The author is a trained professional and it shows in her work. I appreciate help books when the author is trained, has some work experience, but uses their own life experiences too. It's hard to really get in touch with a book when, as a reader, you feel like the author has no real life experience/personal connection to what they're writing about. The solutions in this book can be applied to men or women, though the book focuses on wives/women more (that reasons is explained in full detail). Some might find it unromantic or simple, like the author notates in her book, but in all honestly, I think her clues of practice makes perfect sense and just putting forth the effort to have an intimate relationship with your partner is spot on. Breaking it down and comparing it to the time we spend brushing our teeth really popped one on me. I was able to talk with my spouse and even brought up a few things in our past/what we sometimes struggle with, and compare it to what the author pointed out.

A very helpful little guide just about anyone can take a nugget of information from. I can think of very few things more important than sharing love with my spouse. It's a lovely reminder in the physical and non physical ways that can be lost with everyday adult life and how to reclaim that time.

author1-300x77Ruxandra LeMay

Dr. Ruxandra LeMay is a licensed psychologist in Phoenix, Arizona. After earning her undergraduate degree in Business Management, she spent 15 years in the corporate business world. While working with numbers and negotiating contracts, she realized that she enjoyed working and motivating co-workers with different personalities and different ways of doing things. She liked working with people, helping them focus on their strengths, and mediating communication with their management or conflict with peers. It was during this time, she decided to dive into the world of psychology. She went back to school and earned her Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology.

During her formal training, she continued with her interest in relationships, this time in family and couples’ therapy: pre-marital education, marriage counseling, and post-divorce mediation. In addition, she worked with adults and adolescents struggling with addiction, anxiety, and mood disorder related issues. Last but not least, as she became a wife and mother, women’s life concerns became another topic of interest. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, ante- and post-partum challenges, low sex drive, and parenting have all been at the forefront of her study for the last ten years.

She has a very direct and practical style. Therapy takes time and money. They are both valuable and she does not want to waste your time or your money. She wants to offer the most effective recommendations that you can implement right away so you can feel immediate relief from whatever it is that you are facing. Her book, blogs, and therapy are all a reflection of her belief that even small changes, if they are the right ones, can make a big difference in someone’s life.

Her latest book is the nonfiction/psychology/self-help book, My Spouse Wants More Sex Than Me: The 2-Minute Solution for a Happier Marriage.

For More Information

Visit Dr. Ruxandra LeMay’s website.

Contact Dr. LeMay.

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Book Tour and Review: To Hell and Back by Beth Ann Masarik



To Hell and Back by Beth Ann Masarik
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Take a journey to Hell with Elise Stevenson as she braves meeting Hades and his companions in this compilation. To Hell and Back consists of the short stories Murderous Regrets, Hell Bound and Hell’s Captive. In these three stories, Elise is sent to Hell to uncover the secrets of the villains in The World Among Us. She dodges the worst of demons, and goes to the very depths of Hell just to interview Hades and the Prince of Darkness themselves among other monsters that appear in the series.

In the short story, Moon Spirit, however, we are brought back to earth, where we meet Raul Blackoak and his family. While Raul is out on patrol, he hears the cries of a damsel in distress. A battle begins between the werewolf and two demons, but before long, the night is saved by a surprise visitor. Raul and his new partner save the day, only for things to become more serious when they bring her back to Raul’s home. Will Raul be able to come to terms with the strange twist of events?

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*** 5/5 Stars ***

I absolutely loved this collection of short stories. Never read the author or really had any idea what the stories precluded except for the book blurb. The stories flowed very easily and I would happily devour the series if it's anything like the short stories. A good little collection. Readers get to meet some of Olympus's old gods and their children. Romance, adventure, and snarky characters made this a very quick read. Highly recommended for anyone who might need an hour of distraction and likes paranormal/urban fantasy.



Beth Ann Masarik was born on Long Island, NY in the year 1984 with an over-active imagination. She used to love playing make-believe games, and now loves creating her own fantasy worlds. Masarik has been writing since she was 15 years old, and had her first newspaper article published in her high school newspaper in her sophomore year. She has taken several creative writing classes, and started writing her very first novel in college, and is currently searching for the right literary agent. Aside from writing novels, Masarik enjoys bowling, gaming, and role playing online. She enjoys reading fantasy novels written by Richelle Mead, L.J. Smith, and J.K. Rowling, and looks to them for role models.

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Blog Tour Review: The Darkest Frost, Vol 1 of a 2-part serial (TDF, #1) by Tanya Holmes

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Title: The Darkest Frost, Vol 1 of a 2-part serial (TDF, #1)
Published: June 22, 2015
Genres: mystery/thriller
Pages: 360
Format: eBook
 Buy the Book

GENRE: A Gothic paranormal romance with a twist.
CLIFFHANGER: **YES** This is a two-part serial.
When the ghost of her best friend begs for her help, psychic detective Denieve Knight goes undercover as a live-in domestic to catch a killer. She sets her sights on the most likely suspect: her friend’s mysterious employer, Doctor Braeden Frost.
Dubbed "Dr. Death" by the press, the notorious hematologist is linked to nineteen other suspicious fatalities—all are former patients. The brooding recluse is a man of many secrets, the darkest of which may be lurking beneath the leather gloves he never removes.

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Book Tour & Review: Making It By Amanda Gibbs

making it banner

Making It Cover Photo

Making It
By Amanda Gibbs
Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance, Poetry
Brief Description:
Making It, Amanda Gibbs' debut short story, invites readers into the most intimate and personal moments of a couple's life spanning throughout decades. The story is told through prose, poetry, dialogue, lists, and focused vignettes, all with Amanda's signature concrete voice. Each entry of Making It represents a day in a year of the couple's relationship, spanning from first meeting to 30th anniversary.




*** 3.5 Stars ***

A sweet and swift glimpse of one couple's meet, greet, romance, and comfortable ending. The author explores the relationship with small samples of storytelling, poems, and snippets of the couple's courtship and marriage. Brought back a few smiles from my own marriage.



“I always get so sad when I see 80 year old couples eating at restaurants, not saying anything the whole time.”
She turned the pepper grinder over his soup exactly three and a half times; he didn’t need to ask.
He poured her wine to the half way mark; she didn’t need to ask.
“Because. They’ve been around each other so long, they have nothing left to say. I never want to be like that.”
He toyed with the stem of his glass for a moment.
“But what if they’re so comfortable around each other, they know each other so well, they don’t always need words to communicate? They’ve gotten to the point where silence is comfortable...then I’d want to be exactly like that.”
They ate the rest of the meal in comfortable silence.

author1-300x77book tour author photo
Amanda Gibbs is an eighteen-year-old student, photographer and actress from Toronto, Canada.  Writing since preschool with Crayola crayons, Amanda’s passion is writing stories that make the mundane beautiful, and the little moments in life profound.  Inspired by writers like Michael Faudet, Jamie McGuire, and Walt Whitman, Amanda loves experimenting with form, dialogue, and combining poetry and prose.  In her spare time, Amanda trains in mixed martial arts and takes care of her six dogs, as well as procrastinating schoolwork to write her next book.

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