Monday, September 7, 2015

Review: If… Dangerous Waters (If… #3) by Jackie Mae

I received this book to give an honest review
Title: If... Dangerous Waters
Published:  July 20, 2015
Genres: paranormal
Pages: 40
Format: eBook
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Alena is young, intelligent, and going places. Graduating soon with a sought after degree, an upward career trajectory, and a kickass life plan in place, Alena has a stable life, close family and a terrific boyfriend. That is until Madame Psychic Orso changes Alena’s pathway forever. Alena’s newfound fears take on a life of their own. ‘If,’ will redirect and send her world into a tailspin. Probing dangerous new avenues she will discover something different than she’d expected. Can she recover? Will she even want to?

So this is the third novella in the If.. series. In this story we are with the character Alena who is very smart, beautiful (even though she doesn’t think so), and will be going places one day. She has the perfect boyfriend who will do anything for her and she believes that one day they will marry and have children. It is a nice fairy tale to have. When Alena gets invited by her fellow female coworkers to not only attend a lunch but to go and see a psychic she doesn’t want to go. She is very weary about it all, it seems that Alena can see things but she has to keep it under wraps.

Of course if you have followed this short series you will know what this psychic is going to say, it seems she always tells someone that they have this amount of time to live or watch out for this. When Alena gets told to watch out for water she takes it literally. She becomes a bit more withdrawn which worries not only her parents but her boyfriend as well. What will happen with Alena and water? It was a surprise outcome for me as I was expecting something different to happen.

Now I gave this book a four only because I felt that we could have learned more about Alena seeing things. Does she see them now or when she was a child? I would have enjoyed a bit more elaboration on ghosts and what not especially when the psychic mentions spirits surrounding Alena.

Jackie Mae
B.S. from University of Maryland, University College (UMUC)
Jackie writes in several genres including juvenile fiction for the middle grade as well as adult thriller, science fiction, paranormal romance, and novellas.
Jackie Mae’s new children’s chapter book series, A Taylor & Alan Adventure, is written with her young granddaughter, Alison Taylor. In the Taylor & Alan Adventures, where faction meets fiction, you will meet Taylor & Alan a sister/brother duo, who are called on to help the good wizards of the land. Artfully weaving rich history into the story, it instills the concept of being mindful and respectful of the environment while appropriately thrilling the young audience. A portion of the proceeds go to the Caitlin Dunbar Nature Center to help support Girl Scouts.
She also writes adult fiction; her series called, THE DARKEST SERIES, which chronicles women who struggle with their new found psychic abilities while trying to stop an invasion.
A new series of novellas titled:
If… Blurred Vision
If… Second Chance
If… Dangerous Waters
“The joy of all the ‘If’ stories lies in their surprise twists. Mae is a master storyteller and an uncommon ruler of the novelette form.” D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review
Jackie also finds time to volunteer within her community. “Giving back is a big part of who I am.” When she is not volunteering she is writing, gardening, or spending time with her grandchildren.
“May good health and happiness always surround you.”