Monday, February 22, 2016

Review: A Black Deeper Than Death (Miki Radicci #1) by M.E. Purfield

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

14060673Title: A Black Deeper Than Death
Published:  Nov. 21, 2013
Format: eBook
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In the first book of urban mystery fused with fantasy series, M.E. Purfield with hardcore prose introduces a young heroine that's naively above the law and searching for redemption in a concrete jungle built on greed and delusion.
Miki Radicci is not your average sixteen-year-old city girl. She’s emancipated from her grifter parents, a flavor of the month in the art world, and a psychic.
Her life turns upside down when she witnesses a murder of a young college girl in one of her visions. Not only does she grab the attention of the police, but also the killer.
To save her own life as well as her family, Miki delves into the victim’s past and follows a trail that leads her into a dark world of underground modeling and low-level criminals. A path that will lead her closer to the killer than she thought.

I have read another book by this author and really liked the character Miki. She seemed to have some type of mystery surrounding her. In this book A Black Deeper Than Death which by the way is free on Amazon and we get to learn who Miki is and we learn a bit about her curse that has plagued her family.

You see Miki is a sixteen year old artist but she drinks like a lot, the curse she has is being able to feel what others feel. So someone hurts their hand and she is near well she will feel it too kind of freaky especially when she gets bruises and everything else on her body from this curse and she can not explain it to others. She drinks to dull her ability but does it really work?

When she ends up seeing a murder happen which has never happened before to her this opens so much more than just the normal for her. We see Miki try to become a “hero” which ends up putting her in a tough situation. I have to say when we find out who the killer really was I was like wow didn’t even think of this person. There wasn’t really any clues for us to follow so that was good.

I do think the author overused the whole “fake” id thing, I mean we know she has one but to be told more than once even when it different scenarios is too much.

I do plan on reading book two in this series as I can see Miki being a character that I will remember. I want to see what else she has in store for us especially with her ability.

The pace was steady, the mystery surrounding the murder/s was good, the characters were likable all in all a good read.

M.E Purfield was raised in the Jersey ‘burbs. At 18 he moved to Jersey City to attend The School of Visual Arts film program in NYC. He has never returned to the ‘burbs. Since then he’s done some script work for low low low budget films and even directed a few shorts.
Before publishing novels, he has toiled around with many short stories in many genres at many venues until he decided his strengths lie with Young Adult fiction, contemporary and noir fantasy.
When not practicing the art of Potty Mouth, he spends his time raising his son, being married, watching horror films, and listening to punk music.
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