Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Review: Bawling Sugar Soul by M.E. Purfield

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

22733127Title: Bawling Sugar Soul (Tenebrous Chronicles/Miki Radicci Book 5)
Published:  July 11, 2014
Pages: 164
Format: eBook
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Miki Radicci has helped bring a few killers to justice and made a few enemies the last few months. But which one has it out to frame her for murder.

The night starts off fun. A club, a drink, a guy, and a perfect end. The next morning, Miki Radicci wakes up to find the guy dead in her bed. As far as she can tell - through one of her psychic visions - she was the one who killed him. And the police think so too.

As more evidence arises, Miki is convinced that she didn’t murder anyone. With the help of her family and friends within and outside the law, she sets out on a fast-paced man hunt for a mysterious woman who may be a ghost or just a shade of evil from her past.


 Alright we are in book 5 with Miki and this girl is always seeming to find herself in trouble. In this story Miki has a night out but she doesn’t remember much but by the looks of it all she killed someone though where is the evidence?

Miki, her friend, Detective Sampson and with the help of an old friend of his help Miki try to solve the crime that she seems to be framed for. It seems that something shady is going on but what exactly or who exactly is it?
We get to have more insight to who the mystery person is that can see and hear Miki all the time though this person is still a mystery I am hoping comes to light soon.

I am not sure who Miki pissed off but it seems that the trouble she is finding herself in seems to be surrounding Elite. The only bad thing I can honestly say about this book is that it always seems so short I want more. Though the story is fulfilling and you are not left with a cliffhanger there is that mystery that surrounds Miki, and I am wanting to know more about who is after her and what trouble will she be in next.

Can’t wait to read book six and see what is going to happen next maybe we will get the answers to some questions that popped up in this book.