Saturday, October 15, 2016

Review: Reaperlands: Los Muertos Trail: Reaperlands Part Two by Roy Burdine

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

31837958Title: Reaperlands: Los Muertos Trail: Reaperlands Part Two
Published:  Aug. 31, 2016
Format: eBook
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A Post-Apocalyptic Western
In the years following the zombie viral outbreak, those who risked their lives to seek out treasure among the wastelands became known as the REAPERS.
Gus and Oscar are back! After a successful Reaping run to the Los Angeles ruins, they set out to bring their scavenger spoils to market, a journey that takes them across the desert plains of the post zombie apocalypse future, and pits them against the mutant hordes of the animal kingdom, and the worst of their own kind, those who would prey on the survivors of a world gone to hell.
For Gus, this mission has a special purpose beyond just the monetary riches of his trade – To deliver a cargo of classic books to the library he is building in the fort city of Los Muertos in an effort to preserve the culture of a civilization that once was.


 I have to say I felt this book was a bit better than the first one. Gus and Oscar are back and are doing another run as reapers. If you don’t know what reapers are well they take from the dead and sell, because the dead don’t need the things they left behind.

This one had more action too it though I felt it wasn’t as creepy like as in the first book. Though things coming out of the ground and picking bones completely clean that is a bit freaky.

While on their run they come across thieves who will steal from those that are trying to survive like them and it is a battle to see who will make it out.

It is filled with action of not only trying to survive from the viral animals that have the virus but from humans that want, what others have.

There was a scene where Oscar covered the women and children from the gunfire that was erupting and it really showed the type of person Oscar really is.

Overall a short and decent read. Let’s see where the next book will take us.