Monday, May 8, 2017

Facebook Hiding Posts (and what you could do to see more)

If you are an author, blogger, or anyone with an interest page on Facebook, you’ve noticed a HUGE decline in views/interaction. Lets face it, Facebook is a major jerk for it but it’s in their right to change their terms and charge to see things. IT SUCKS. But I’d be mad too if people were using my FREE service to make money. It happens a lot and it’s really going to hurt the entrepreneurs that rely on Facebook for marketing. I, myself, refuse to pay for my posts to be seen because I make no money from blogging. NONE, nada. It becomes this big internal debate whether or not I want to continue to do it if no one sees anything. I interact more with bookish people on my personal profile, but even then they hardly see it.

Okay, so back to being SEEN! You can create interest lists on Facebook. An interest list lets you put pages that you follow into a list and you can see what those pages post in REAL TIME! These posts are not hidden either. It can be a little overwhelming if you have a list with a lot of pages, but it’s so worth it. Blog pages have been non-existent in my news feed for quite some time and I felt disconnected from anything bookish. It no longer felt like MY news feed. The awesome thing is that you could also follow other peoples lists as long as they are public.

For example, here is a list I created for Blog Facebook Pages. I waded through all of the pages I followed to get them there and it took me at least an hour.

As you can see, you’re seeing the posts as they are being posted. Yes, it’s a separate news feed but it’s a feed I want to see! It’s better than the alternative of “get notifications.” I don’t want to get a notification every time one of the 1,200 blogs posts. This is much easier.

Here’s how to make your own lists



It’s that simple! Just name your list and start adding pages!