Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Pardon Our Appearance! We're Moving Back to Blogger!

Pardon our appearance

Hey everyone! I did some thinking and had a discussion with the other ladies of A Little Bit of R&R. I've made the decision to move our blog back to Blogger. There are a lot of pros and cons with a self-hosted Wordpress and it honestly came down to money. Hosting was too much $$ and even switching to a cheaper service would mean more work when moving the files. I'm in no way a techie so I'd probably break everything. This switch is also coming with big changes. We will no longer be accepting blog tours unless it's a review stop. The reason we switched from Blogger in the first place was because myself and thousands of other bloggers were booted for using affiliate links (or so they say) Affiliate links and blog tours are actually against theirs TOS and they had every right to boot us. With that said, this is the reason we are no longer doing tours. We welcome you to contact us and set up a creative content post (something that is not available on another blog or site) Right now we're working on bringing the old reviews over to the Blogger blog. This will take us the whole month so things may look a little crazy! Thanks for sticking with us!