Thursday, June 15, 2017

Review: REN: Awakened (REN #1) by Brittany Quagan

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Title: REN: Awakened (REN #1)
Author: Brittany Quagan
Published: August 24, 2016
Pages: 218
Format: ebook
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Seventeen-year-old Ren Nagel knows that the strange things she's seen are real--even if no one else believes her. But, when she's locked up in a psychiatric hospital; she loses hope that anyone will ever truly be on her side.
Then everything changes. With the help of a new friend, Ren breaks out. It's when she's on the run that she learns who she really is.

Hunted by evil, Ren must learn to control a power she never knew she had, organize a coalition of people she never knew existed, and remind humanity why fighting the darkness is a big part of being human.
Sometimes, feeling different is much more than just a feeling. For Ren, it means the fate of the world.

I believe this book is really good for the young teens, there is really no violence or bad language within this story. We follow Ren as she has been moved from foster home to foster home, she may have found a good home with her new foster dad Billy. Though when something causes her to be in the hospital that is when things start going weird for her. Is who she is seeing is real or just her imagination? When she meets two new friends they will help her learn who she truly is and what she can really do. It is up to her to save the world, but can she do it? It seems that the forces of Evil will be against her and those who want to do good. I really liked how the author did the reincarnation and how Ren would get memories of her past life. To me that was very interesting and cool! 
To me this felt a bit of like it had a sci-fi element to it, because it seems that Ren and her new friends are not fully human. There is something special about them which I thought it was pretty neat. 
As far as characters go I felt they were really well developed, and the way Ren handled everything that was thrown her way as far as information from Kiki, Gage and Al was on point. I do believe I will read the next book in this series because well I need to know if Good will trump Evil. Who knows it seems that the tapestry has been changed.