Sunday, November 26, 2017

Review: Skeleton in the Closet: and Other Scary Stories by Russell J. Dorn

I received this book to give an honest review.

Title: Skeleton in the Closet and Other Scary Stories
Author: Russell J. Dorn
Published: Oct. 9, 2016
Pages: 121
Format: ebook

A collection of scary stories for brave readers! If you like tales that will chill you to the bone, make your skin crawl, and spoil your appetite, Skeleton in the Closet and Other Scary Stories is the collection of horror stories for you. These twenty-three tales of terror are sure to thrill, as are the eerie illustrations created for each narrative.

A boy finds a skeleton in his closet.
Another hears a voice under his bathtub.
A class gets a substitute teacher who is a bit creepy and really into magic tricks.
Someone leaves their leftovers in the fridge too long.
A young man wakes up in the body of a giant bat.
Did that scarecrow move on its own?
A girl meets a wicked witch who turns people into firewood.
All this and many more creepy tales to tell in the dark!

Find out what happens when you try to keep the skeleton in your closet a secret, when you clown around too much, and when you are too loud in the library. Included here are stories about getting too much sun, finding yourself in the dark surrounded by water, listening too closely to the whispers in the walls, as well as the fate of those who take candy from a stranger when it isn't Halloween. What happens when you're buried alive? What if you were to wake up as a giant bat? What if a person were to cross paths with a witch in the woods or a pirate crew of skeletons on the sea? Read about these frightening dilemmas and find out what's really in that plum jelly. All this and more is here in Skeleton in the Closet and Other Scary Stories.

Are you brave enough to read all these horror stories?


Oh man I jumped into this book and finished it within one sitting. It was pretty good and I think the middle grade would love this. Heck I think even my 11 year old son would love these stories, as he is slowly starting to get into the scary movies and books. 
We are given many different short stories each different than the one before it that will have you wondering where this author's mind has gone. Now they aren't too scary but for those that are easily scared read with the lights on. 
There were many stories that I really did enjoy but I think the two that sticks out to me is Skeleton in the Closet and Beneath the Bathtub. 
This author has an amazing talent to capture the reader in such a short story that he does it very well, and leaves you wanting more.

Russell J. Dorn
Russell J. Dorn focuses largely on the the art of children’s fiction and adult literary horror, but he has ventured into memoir and poetry, as well. He has release several books in the children’s fiction genre. Russell is the creator of the character Felipe Femur, a skeleton with a lot of heart, as well as a full cast of ironic monster friends. He is the co-owner of ZebraFox Games, an indie app development company. Theme wise, Russell likes a hint of the weird and supernatural in his work, but makes an effort not to let these elements define it. He is a graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno.