Monday, December 31, 2018

Our Frail Disordered Lives by Mary M. Schmidt

I received this book to give an honest review.

40242779Title: Our Frail Disordered Lives
Author: Mary M. Schmidt
Pages: 202

Larry Kavanaugh is an ordinary kind of guy. He’s got a nagging wife and two kids, both annoyingly gifted. No matter what he does, there is no end to what his family needs. What’s a regular, everyday guy to do? Well, he cuts a few corners, obviously – one very big corner. He sells his soul to the Devil.
Maybe it’s not the actual Devil, but Larry is ready to make a deal with one of the Devil’s minions. He meets some demon whose name he can’t remember. Funny, it was right on the tip of his tongue, a name of something you step on. Roach the Demon has sort of good intentions. He just wants a re-write of Dante’s Inferno with himself as the star.
Roach goes after Larry as a rogue operation. He needs to make a point to his boss, Satan, so he uses the body of a human to follow Larry around and stir up trouble. He offers Larry an airtight guarantee that nothing could possibly go wrong. After all, Larry does not feel like he has much to lose – or does he? Even Roach might be in over his head this time.
My Rating:


So as much as I like reading books with demons and possession this one didn't really do it for me. There wasn't a lot of wow factors for me. Roach is a low leveled demon who to me didn't seem to be too much like a demon. I guess when I think demon I think causing havoc, death and full on possession. Roach finds the perfect host to wreak havoc and tilt his life upset down. It will be like he gets two fun things to play with for the price of one. 
 Though I did like the humor that was written within the story between Roach and Scorch his buddy who has his back. Roach is determined to find himself written into the story of Dante's Inferno while trying to avoid the hunters who are after him.
I think a lot of people might like this book but it just really was not my cup of tea. There just seem too not be a lot of action for me.