Sunday, May 26, 2019

Delusional: Michael Evans

I received this book to give an honest review.
Title: Delusional

Author: Michael Evans
Pages: 383

Memories will make you.
But although Natalie wants to help end all the destruction she feels she has caused, she wants to get her memories and past back more than anything. Surrounded by lies and manipulation, Natalie quickly realizes that no one seems to care or have answers about her past. And with the government still out to kill her, the real struggle becomes, not if she will get her memories back, but if she will live to make more.
Natalie isn’t dead, but her past is. With Protocol 00 finally having been shut down, the free will of the country was received at the price of the memories of Natalie. After being found trespassing in Area 51 she is taken as prisoner where her mind is wiped and life meets its impending doom. However, just before she is about to be executed she is broken out of Area 51 by the White Knights, where she is thrust into a war-torn land with the expectation that she will lead the overthrow of President Ash’s regime once and for all.

My Rating: 

I see so much potential for this book to be great, yet it was not there I just can not put my finger on what it is that is holding it back. The characters were okay, at times I felt Natalie was in repetition mode when we were told something.  It felt rushed at times like trying to make it all come together fast. It had been a while since I read the first book and I would recommend going back and rereading the first one. As I started the book out sorta confused. There were a lot of grammar mistakes, little ones, but if you found someone who felt they were the grammar police it would be a big deal. As the story progresses we see that Natalie and Ethan loses their memories, that is a big thing yet do they really want them back? The are on the run from President Ash and it seems he will stop at nothing to get them both. Natalie is having so much happen around her and everyone wants something from her. it is hard for her to find herself. We see what Natalie will have to go through to get her memory back, yet the question will be is that good or bad. Who can she really trust? It seems everyone has an agenda when it comes to Natalie. There was one part that had me going OMG!! That was towards the end when Natalie and Ethan found what they thought they were looking for. I did wonder about the helicopter and exactly how big it was because you got folks getting up walking around, hitting others and I am thinking how is that happening because they don't seem to have a lot of room. The fighting scenes are pretty good and it was nice to see that Natalie can fight back once she got her memory back. I do believe I will read book three to see if there are some improvements and what will happen now. I hated to give this book 2 stars but it just wasn't clicking for me. 

Michael  Evans

Michael Evans is an author of Young Adult novels and an advocate for a better future. He is currently attending high school in Mt. Pleasant, SC, and loves to enjoy the outdoors and write in his free time. To find more about him and his work you can visit