Sunday, June 16, 2019

Triggered (Control Freakz #3) by Michael Evans

I received this book to give an honest review.
41823628Title: Triggered ( Control Freakz #3)
Author: Michael Evans
Pages: 325

Memories will break you.
Natalie thought that she would be able to fix her past, but some things are forever broken. After being rescued from the rubble, Natalie is welcomed into a new world of horrors, where she is reunited with a humanoid version of Hunter and barred by Danielle from seeing her mom. With her newfound memories, there are only more questions and pain, and Natalie is finally ready to move on to a future where she can truly be happy.
But President Ash has a plan of his own, specifically one for not only ending the civil war in America but reducing everything to dust. A new program called Maga X has been in testing for years, resulting in the deaths of thousands. When President Ash decides to release this new program upon the population of America, he won’t just be mind controlling them, he will be vaporizing them from the face of the earth. However, Natalie, Hunter, and her mom have a plan, one that involves ending the life of one man to save the lives of millions. And this time it’s not just about saving themselves, it’s about saving everything before it all turns to nothing.

My Rating:

I really wanted to like this story but it just was not working for me. It took me over a month to finally finish this story. I am just not sure what to put down to why I didn't like it. The story was decent, it just wasn't vibing right for me. The only thing I can say that I was impressed with was the ending on where Natalie finally learns the truth. I was hoping to see Natalie grow as a person and be able to handle this horrible situation she is in but she didn't. She was the same character no growth at all. There was one scene where she is being attacked by someone and she runs back to where he would find her. I mean home-girl didn't even try to run to a different place, instead she ran back to the house and cried. The dude even came to house and she didn't do anything. No running, no yelling, no trying to get back at him. I know she knew he was being controlled but I mean come on, if someone attacked me we having some choice words. Along with the story just not working for me there was also a lot of grammar mistakes, one or two is okay but I believe I counted five and after that I just didn't pay attention any more. 

Michael Evans
Michael Evans is the author of the Control Freakz series and has always loved to read and write in his free time. Whenever he is not writing he may be found at the beach or trying to walk Skye, his crazy goldendoodle. He is originally from Long Island, New York, but has since moved to Charleston, South Carolina. Michael Evans is constantly looking for an adventure and loves to travel and see new things. Above all else, however, he would like to travel to the future, to a time where the world is way better than it is today. Despite the dystopic themes to his writing, he only writes about the dark possibilities of the future because he finds it way more interesting to write about than the good possibilities. He is driven to write every day to hopefully shed light on the dark prospects of the future, and to spread the message that humans are the control freaks of our own future, and it is up to us whether we bask in the darkness, or run free into the light. To find out more about him or his works you can visit his website at