Saturday, May 2, 2020

Cities that Eat Islands Book 3 by M.E. Purfield

Cities That Eat Islands (Book 3) by [M.E. Purfield]
I received this book to give an honest review.

Title: Cities that Eat Islands Book 3
Author: M.E. Purfield
Pages: 349

Mixing Sarah Paretsky and Andrew Vachss into a noir urban fantasy, the author of the Miki Radicci series concludes the intense and twisted epic thriller that spans 40 years and three generations.They hide him deep in the city, feeding him children.She loves him and protects him.She'll even murder for him.Someone steals die Auslese's project Faith which has been in the works for decades. They call upon Elite and Carmella Noto to use her psychic ability to find the thief and killer. But they are not the only ones in search of it. Others want it destroyed. Caught in the middle, Carmella travels back in time by way of her grandmother to stop project Faith and confront a monster that damaged not only her life but her families'. Meanwhile, Enzo Noto, a nonverbal autistic who can communicate through radio waves, may have found a treatment that will cure his autism. But does he want to? Deep in a confusing depression, he suffers cruel and dangerous therapies, unaware that higher powers will use him as a pawn.


A lot goes on within this story. Carmella is more like her grandmother than she truly knows. As we see that Carmella will be going back in time and trying her best to stop project Faith and stopping a killer. You know the killer that threw her life and Frankie's life in a whirlwind. Yet, this is something she has never done before so she is scared. Yet, while trying to stop this killer her group is trying to find the man and his daughter who is on the run. The ones killing young people. It seems there is a circle that all comes together.
While we see what Carmella is going through to stop this from happening we get to see what Enzo is going through. I do not think the place that he is at that helped break him out of prison is good. He wants to cure his autism but it is something that just is not possible. It broke my heart to see what he was willing to go through to be what he would consider normal. I understood that he wanted to be able to communicate but he has a truly amazing gift that is unlike any other. The group that has him is willing to do anything to harvest the power that he holds.  I really liked the ending and how everything worked out for Enzo yet I do wonder will Blaise and Carmella be together in the end? Who knows. If you have not picked up this author's work I highly suggest you do it.

M.E. Purfield is the author of the long-running and highly rated Miki Radicci series and the sci-noir Blunt Force Kharma series. He has had short stories in Broken Pencil, Unwinnable Magazine, and Norwegian American Weekly. He lives in Jersey City, NJ but you can always find him at